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New Dairy Allergy? PLEASE HELP!


I am going to start from the beginning to keep everyone on track (And while I understand there are worst cases out there, this is tragic to MY family and is very important, so please understand where my rambling/psychotic tendencies are coming from).

In 2007 My niece (who was less than 12 Months) was diagnosed with an allergy to everything. The only “safe” foods for C are Veggies, Fruit, Tofu… yeah that’s pretty much it. Anything else makes her have the Skin of a snake. My poor little girl. I always felt so bad for her.. She is constantly “Leathery” because shes even allergic to most clothing. But it is tolerable for her..

Fast forward to 2010. I had my Second Daughter K2. K2 Is now 16 Months. For the past 6 weeks, K2 has started getting a nasty rash on her face, severe diaper rash and the occasional “Allergy Conjunctivitis”.

It all started with The Allergy Pink Eye. She would wake up in the morning fine. Her eye would be normal.. and as the day progressed her eye would start to water, and get red.. then swell shut.  Then, following that came the Rash around her mouth. It looks like baby acne, but  a little bigger. It doesn’t seem to bother K2 at all. I was treating it with diaper rash cream (As instructed by the Pediatrician as she thought it was just a drool rash) If I didn’t treat it, it would start to blister. Then as the weeks progressed, the Diaper Rash started. I mean huge Blisters. The poor baby now cries everytime she sees a diaper. (Note: She is purposely being changed every hour on the dot, even threw the night to make sure the diaper rash is not because of being wet or messy).

We went to her 15 Month Check up on 2/27/12 And The Pedi had finally had enough when she saw her Diaper Rash and how bad it was. We were told to cut Dairy for the week, call in on Monday and get the information for an allergist.

Cutting Dairy did seem to help. But my husband and Family still slip her some dairy on occasion, because they don’t think she has an allergy.. just an intolerance. UHHHH? Excuse me. This poor baby is in tears every time she has to get her diaper changed (Even if there is no rash there) because it hurts. Please follow directions until we know the facts!!! Anyway, Once the dairy was out of her system.. She seemed to feel a lot better. I made the appointment with the allergist for 3/20/12.  But things went downhill yesterday. She had scrambled eggs for lunch. (Made with Almond Milk, which she has been drinking no problem) And changed her diapers to a different brand (Who she has used before, but not since the allergies started showing up) well by the end of the day yesterday she was blistered all over her butt and thighs… Everyone wants to fight me that is just the diapers.. stop worrying. But I can’t. Even if it is the diapers.. the problem still lies that she used them before and this is another NEW allergy. OR the Allergy lies with the Eggs, or both. So far here are the list of things that make her break out for sure:

Rasberry Yogurt
Cream of Potato Soup
Cheese Curls
Eggs/New Diapers?
Ice Cream
Pasta (Or it may have been the sauce im not sure)
Potato Salad
Garlic Rice

And a few others I did not write down.

I am trying my best to wait until March 20th to go to the Allergist but there is just so much going on in my head that I cant even sleep at night thinking about this. I don’t want her to turn into my Niece… although sometimes I think that may be easier because there so little she can have.. its less confusing. Any advice?

Also. At her 15 Month Check up she got a partial flu shot.. That was 7+ days ago. How longs does it take to get threw your whole body? I know that if you are allergic to eggs you shouldn’t get a flu shot..  K2 woke up last night after her nap and was red all over.. Not like rash red like her color was red. Her fever was 101.5 and after Motrin it went down and she felt well enough to play could this be related to the flu shot?

Thanks everyone!
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Poor little thing.

Allergies are nothing to sneeze at. I find that there are quite a few people in this world that don't quite understand how they work, and they will ( like your family ) continue to feed the allergy monsters.

Okay, first things first...
Let her run around without pants on as much as possible. If you need to, place doggy training pads around the floor...then if she pees it will be easier to clean up.
This will help her bottom heal a lot faster...nothing quite like fresh air to help heal the "owies".
Another thing that you can try is a wonderful rash cream called Calmoseptine.  You have to ask the pharmacist for it. It's wonderful stuff. Good for any rash and heals faster than anything I've ever seen before...and you can keep the diapers on her that way. lol
Her apparent allergies could stem from almost anything. It could be the diapers, it could be milk, it could be the soap you use on her...it could be anything.
You need to try the following for a few days:
Only give her one thing for a few days...like peas. If there is no rash then peas are safe.  In two days add something else to the diet...say milk.
If there is a sudden outbreak, then you know it's milk she has issues with.
Hives can take up to 48 hours to appear, so if you try something new too soon, you won't know which thing caused it.
Try bathing her with just water...no soap. Hand wash her clothes in just water as well.

As for the flu shot...it can apparently take quite some time for the symptoms to show and disappear. They should have given you a pamphlet of things to watch for.

If you are correct about what you perceive to be things she is allergic to, then it sounds as if it's dairy and gluten.

Are you sure it's not teething doing this to her? She's at the right age for that. My one son went through the same nasty diaper rashes, and face rashes until he was almost 2...all due to teething.

Hope this helps. Keep us posted.
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