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For 20 some years I have been having alot of medical problems that never had any answers for. I went to a chiropracter  for my t o s and was talking about things. I told him I was worse over the last year so he said lets do a allergy test on you. Two weeks later I had the results. I found out that I'm severely allergic to chocolate and millet seed. The moderate's are dairy, barley, oat, rye, wheat, pinto beans, kidney beans, basil, brewers yeast and iceberg lettuce. It's been a month and I have never felt so good. There is alot of mild ones that I have every now and then but the moderate and severe I dont touch.. I thought my world would end without chocolate but I was so wrong. The benefits that I'm getting are amazing!!!! I go to the allergist on Monday to go over everything. I sleep so good now. I feel like a different person. In the last few years I have had a ton of blood tests for alot of thing. I have severe headaches and spots on my brain. I hope all this is linked. Wish me luck!!! Im sure there is alot of people that are having the same issue and have no answers.
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You should give yourself a chance,  get off dairy products, and whole grain breads,
I suggest  you replace by Rice milk and Soya milk, there as high in calcium but are completely digestable.   I've been using them for 1 year and what a difference in my overhall health, I also use  rice bread,  eat lots of fish, pork, chicken, take Omega3,  and at 53 I am in better overhall health than 5 years ago.
you will not lose anything for trying.   good luck,
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Hi Rae!

Glad you found what was causing your problems, and that it is "simple" to fix!  Allergies (of any kind) can definotely make every day life miserable!  And yes, there are definitely ALOT of people having allergy issues right now!  I've heard that this year is the worst year in a very long time for allergy sufferers.

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