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Newspaper print

Hi everyone, this is my first blog :-) i think i am allergic to newspaper print in the Daily Mirror (sounds weird) but i think its true, ive had breathing problems for the past week was checked out for asthma, heart lungs etc all ok came home to read the paper and my (dry cough and breathing probs returned) ive now banned newspapers from my living room, or am i just being paranoid? lol help please anyone else had this? many thanks
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What you seem to be having is called colonophony. Colophony is one of the causes of allergies and allergic contact dermatitis. Colophony is the yellow, sticky sap tapped from pine & spruce tree trunks.It is widely used in a number of products,newspaper ink being one of them.

Avoidance is the best treatment.However,you should consult an allergist and get yourself tested for the various products which have this sap.If you are allergic to one of them(newspaper ink) ,chances are that you are allergic to others also.

Hope this helps.Take care and pls do keep me posted on how you are doing or if you have any additional queries.Kind regards.
I have had newspaper reactions so severe that it is similar to the flu. Vomiting, diarrhea, body aches, ect. My father has also had vomiting when he did paper routes as a kid. My severe reactions have only happened after 10 minutes in a printing factory and when I have had cuts on my hands (cracked winter hands) and absorbed the material that way. Have you ever heard of this? What part of the paper causes this? Can wrapping paper also cause this reaction? I have searched online for information and come up short.
I have had newspaper reactions so severe that it is similar to the flu. Vomiting, diarrhea, body aches, ect. My father has also had vomiting when he did paper routes as a kid. My severe reactions have only happened after 10 minutes in a printing factory and when I have had cuts on my hands and absorbed the material that way. Have you ever heard of this? What part of the paper causes this? Can wrapping paper also cause this reaction?
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I am allergic to newsprint, too, so that means that telephone books and other printed materials are a nuisance, too.  Nevermind the ignorant comments of others, who don't have this allergy and don't understand what this is like.  I have come across these people in my lifetime, even recently.  This isn't weird and you're not crazy.  These kinds of allergies are becoming more and more common these days, too.

There is one other thing that can go a long way towards avoiding these allergens for the ones who want to read the newspaper.  Many newspapers now have online subscriptions, so you could actually eliminate the need for newspapers being in the home altogether.  And, you can get most of the news online on your homepage anyway.

I have noticed the same thing in certain newly printed books.  So, I have to do the smell test before I'm willing to bring any printed materials into my home.

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Can you tell me what type of symptoms you have with your newsprint allergy?  I can't find much on the internet and most only discusses the contact dermititis, rash, etc.  But, aren't there usually breathing issues and other symptoms like runny or stuffy nose, cough, headache, nausea, etc?  Similar to a purfume type allergy?  Thanks!
https://www.allergybestbuys.co.uk/pages/colophony-rosin-allergy    I see that is is called colophony allergy.
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Well I have the same allergies from news print, every day the news paper arrives and when I bring it into the house, open it and the tears and the sneezing begins, althought the news of today usually STINK, but think this is mostly from the fresh ink of the pages. I can open it up and spread it out in the garage and air it out and it helps some. It is very disturbing and expensive from allergy medicine and daily news papers are not cheap. Thinking about canceling my subscription. Could be the real cure. Whatcha think ?
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Allergy to newsprint is actually very common.  Fortunately there is a "cure" for this and other allergies through a treatment you can read about at NAET.com.  You can also find a practitioner in your area from this website.   I can give testimony on how well this simple treatment can work.  I had multiple allergies and no longer am bothered by them. My children have also had great success with these treatments.  They are painless and quick and usually permanent.

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i have to share this to u and its open for comments, its been widely known in our place and its been proven to me that newspaper or newsprinted paper can be used to suppress your asthma and even cough when put on your back. the same way when u put a towel on your back
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I just got hired at local newspaper and I think I'm allergic to newspaper!!! Can't believe this.  I'm not allergic to anything and I was so happy to get this job.  But I can't stop coughing and my eyes are sore and itchy.  I really want to fix this.  I don't work directly with the handling of papers but they are all around me.  What can I do?
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I only thought of seeing if there was anything on the net about newsprint alergy because I thought I was imagining that certain newspapers brought on the runny nose and sneezes, something like the hayfever I used to get. Now I see, from these contributors, that I am not crazy at all.  I've only got to touch a Sunday Times or a Hampshire Chronicle and within minutes I've got a runny nose, then the sneezing starts which lasts for hours afterwards.
I also thought it was odd that if I didn't read the Sunday Times until Monday (or better still Tuesday) and didn't buy the Hampshire Chronicle (which comes out on Thursdays) until Saturday, they didn't have the same effect.  So it looks as though it is the freshness of these papers that is the cause.
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I too am finding out that when I get around newspapers, I cough.  I have a drip in the back of my throat and my eyes become irritated.  I thought, too, that I was imagining this allergy, but thanks to everyone that has commented here, I now know it's real.  Mine isn't as violent as some of you describe yours as being, but it's a nuisance.  I get 'cedar fever' in the Fall, but it really is the juniper asheii and I'm thinking it may be related enough to the pine, etc. sap that one person earlier mentioned as being part of many newsinks.  That would do it.  Thanks for sharing your experiences with newsprint allergic reactions.
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Wow, I'm so glad I checked these blogs out.  I thought it was my imagination.  It seems every time I read the newspaper my eyes water, a lot. I figured I would finally "google" it I'm glad I did.
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I have been sick for around a month.  I knew it was allergies, but I thought it was because I visited my family in SC.  Got back home and went to the doc.  Got a steriod shot and a antibiotic shot.  Started getting better.  But I again went back to SC to see about my mom.  Bam!  Started getting sick again.  A tickel in the back of my throat and heaving coughing to the point of my chest hurting and getting headaches.  Got back home this past Sunday afternoon.  Started getting better.    Sat down last night to read the paper and almost immediately I got the drainage/tickle and started coughing.  BINGO!!!  I realized it was the paper.  Immediately put it down and symptons went away.   Well, I tried it again tonight.  Immediately started coughing.  Put the paper down and coughing decreased some.  Picked up the paper to do the crossword puzzle.  (Had to look through several sections to find it.)  Coughing increased and am having a hard time getting the coughing to let up.   Found this site via google.  Now I feel like it wasn't in my head.

But here's the weird part.  I have a farm.  I was picking up dead cedar limbs (cut previously in the summer) and putting them on the burn pile that was lit.  I have been cutting down cedars all during this time and have not experienced any of the symptoms.   Just when I pick up the newspaper.
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Hi,I commute on the train and regularly sit next to or near people reading newspapers.  I get a really sore chest and dry cough, also sneezing sometimes.  Newspapers tend to be the worst, but some books and magazines also trigger this problem for me.
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My flatmate died after reading the paper im starting to think she had an allergy
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