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Nose stuffed, headaches, body pain...

Hey everyone,

I really need some help.
I have been suffering with a stuffed nose for about 6 months now. Sometimes it's one nostril or both. Usually accompanied by a migraine / headache, and I just recently started getting body aches. It lasts all day.
I also just recently (5 days ago) got a skin rash of aome sort, all over my stomach, back chest and now arms and neck. The doctor suspects it may just be Pityriasis Rosea, which i've had before. Still not positive on that. They are very small, sometimes mildly itchy and slightly raised in the middle but not much.
Anyway, I have expressed my concerns about allergies to my doctor, and I've been put on nasal sprays, i've been trying the Neti Pot (usually makes me feel worse) i've taken reactine everyday. She says even if she sent me to do some tests that it wouldn't help.
I don't know what to do. This is terrible.
I stopped eating gluten and dairy 3 days ago. No improvement yet, but I know it's still fairly early.
Does anyone have any clue as to what could be wrong? I don't know what else to do other than an elimination diet. But I'm worried this could be something worse.
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have you tried Flonase nose spray it worked for me. I take musscinexD and that goes along with it. I am super allergic to cedar my niece planted one in front of my bedroom window and m living room window. so I stay with a runny nose .

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Glad to have helped!!
Here's hoping that we can both find answers and relief!!
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thank you SO much for your reply. as much as it ***** and i don't wish this on anyone, i feel better knowing someone understands!

i will definitely be asking to see an ENT. honestly, if my doctor keeps "ignoring" my symptoms, i'll just have to look for another doctor. i think it's ridiculous that they say there's nothing they can do! gah.

again, thank you so much for your reply. if was a lot of help to me and i will be taking your advice xo
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I can certainly feel for you!
I have been on the same boat as you for over 20 years.
Every time I ask a doctor to send me into an allergist it's always the same thing: " You're over 20...your allergies can change every two years...by the time we are able to get you in to see one, your allergies will have changed."

UGH!! I've had the exact same symptoms for over 30 years now!
You could ask to see an ENT...at least they might be able to help with the nose symptoms. I have a deviated septum, so I'm more vulnerable to stuffy/runny nose symptoms...which I have all the time.
I agree that the sinus rinses seem to make it worse more often than not ( for myself anyway) and the only thing that makes it better for any amount of time is Claritin nose spray ( which you shouldn't use for more than 3 consecutive days ).  I've tried the elimination diet...found a handful of " don't ever eat that again" items. Pepper, onions, garlic, eggs...might not help my nose any, but helped with the ulcers. lol.
As for home remedies:  I suggest horseradish or any other spicy food ( I find Wasabi peas to be the best ) to help unplug the nose. Just a teaspoon ( or less ) seems to help for a bit. If you have an ulcer, no worries, spicy food ( with no black pepper, onions, and garlic in it ) are actually beneficial to ulcer treatment.
Anyway, my first suggestion is going to a walk in clinic ( or your doctor ) and telling them to send you to see an ENT! The ENT can then rule out anything like a polyp or deviated septum, or worse. Once those are ruled out, you can concentrate on the allergies again.
In the meantime...ask to see a dermatologist as well...for the rash.  If she/he says it's hives, then you can concentrate on figuring out your triggers.
Most triggers are things we take for granted ( not just food ) such as soaps and conditioners. Many people seem to have allergies to top name laundry detergents .

As for the body aches...seems like you've picked up a virus along the way. Either that, or this could all be tied to a sinus infection that the doctor didn't notice.

Hope this helps.
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