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I have infrequent nosebleeds and was prescribed Premarin cream for my nasal passages. I also have eustation tube dysfunction and was wondering could all this be related? My father also had nose bleeds and formed a clot and died from a pulmonary embolism. Is there any other way to tell why my nose bleeds? I had two in one day which is unusual and it happens in all the seasons. I am going to have allergy testing and it was noted on a lab work that I may have a sensitivity to mold and which I know I have some mold in my house. Thanks CC
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Epistaxis or  nosebleed  is the relatively common occurrence of hemorrhage from the nose. This is due to the rupture of a blood vessel within the richly perfused nasal mucosa. Rupture may be spontaneous or initiated by trauma.The cause can be divided into two categories: local and systemic factors.  Local factors may include anatomical deformities, inflammatory reaction, foreign bodies, trauma, low relative humidity of air breathed occurring especially during winter seasons, and even from nose picking.

Systemic factors, on the other hand, may be due to certain medications, alcohol , allergies, anemia, connective tissue disease,  blood dyscrasias., hypertension and other vascular disorders.

The flow of blood normally stops when the blood clots brought about by direct pressure applied by pinching the soft fleshy part of the nose. Nosebleeds are rarely dangerous unless prolonged and heavy.  The elderly and those with co-existing morbidities, particularly of blood clotting should be closely monitored for signs of shock.

It is best to have this evaluated by your doctor for proper diagnosis.  A complete medical history and physical examination is important to reach a diagnosis. Laboratory tests such as complete blood count or allergy testing may help rule out other causes.

Take care and keep us posted.
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Unfortunately, this was posted 6 years ago, and I'm just seeing this now.  I hope you have survived your ordeal and hope you got help since then. Your symptons sound like HHT.

I would like to suggest that you and your family Google and be tested for HHT, or Osler, Weber Rondu's Disease, which is a hereditary disease.   While nosebleeds are one of the main issues with HHT, the disease itself is life-threatening because of the possible of pulmonary embolisms forming (AVMs) ,which you said your Dad died from.  

There are HHT centers of excellence which you can find on the HHT.org website.   Fortunately, there is help available and the people at HHT.org are wonderful.

I've suffered from HHT all my life.  My prayers are with you.
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