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Not a bee sting, not sure what to do

Yesterday morning I got (what I thought was a bee sting) and it stung for about 15-20 mins, just had a little pin hole, and when it happened a stinger was stuck in it and I pulled it out and it bled a little, I squeezed it to get the venom out, but the stinger didn't really look the same as other stingers I've seen.  It was fine all day and was nothing.  This morning I woke up with my whole hand swollen like a balloon and where the sting was there's a huge blood blister, I squeezed it and popped the blood blister not a lot of blood came out, but now I'm concerned, it's so swollen and burns!  My finger is so swollen (the one that got stung) its hard.  And my joints are achy up to and including my wrist!  Anybody have any idea what got me and should I be worried about it.  Also could be and probably is a coincidence but I woke up feeling nauseous and sore throat!  Any ideas or information will be greatly appreciated.
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I sincerely hope that you sought emergency help. Sounds like you've got a bee/wasp allergy going on there.
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I've had the red, burning eye problem for a little over a year now. It started as a small patch on top of my left eye and eventually spread to the entire eye (upper and lower eyelid) and to the right eye (upper and lower eyelid). I think stress from my last job caused a bunch of new allergies and an allergist confirmed this. I've always been allergic to nickel but now the list includes a ton of trees, grass, dogs, hamsters, dustmites, etc. The allergist also said it's atopic dermatitus eczema and gave me Protopic (which definitely makes it go away for a week but I rarely use it since it's a steroid cream) and Atopiclair (does not have steroids but I still try to avoid using it too often since it burns). For the past 10 years, I've been allergic to lipstick (not sure what ingredient) and my own saliva (if I lick my lips all day, it will become bright red and swell up) so Aquaphor works really well as a chapstick. I started applying Aquaphor to my eyelids and it helps alot...not as thick as vaseline. That seems to moisturize the eyelids very nicely since it peels and flakes and I put a huge amount on my eyes before going to bed and under eye make up throughout the day. That seems to help with the itchiness and dryness but I can't seem to get the red to go away. When I put on eye makeup, the red sometimes goes away but when I wake up in the morning, that is when the redness is the worst. If anyone has any tips on how to get rid of the redness naturally, please let me know!
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