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One sided facial swelling and under jaw swelling

Okay so this is going to be a LONG post but I am desperate. I have spent so much money on countless doctors visits to no avail. So i am asking ya'll.

My symptoms all started in February of last year. Before this I had been recieving allergy shots and Had juvaderm lip injections in January. My allergies were severe, mainly consisting of brain fog and nasal congestion, and allergy eyes. Allergy shots had seemed to be helping. One day I woke up a couple days after my allergy shots with the left side of my face swollen. It wasnt terrible but definatly wasnt something i had ever experienced.  I shrugged it off and went to work thinking maybee my allergies had just acted up or i had eaten something that i was intolerant to. Once i got to work i became extremly dizzy, feeling faint and was told to go home and see a doctor. I went to minor emergency and with one look the doctor said i had a sinus infection. I was relieved and went to the pharmacy for my medication. I began taking amd was fine, but at the 2 week check swelling had not gone down, if anything it was worse. I decided to go back and and she saw my swelling had not subsided. She then put me on a more intense round. This round caused increased swelling to the point i had almost looked disfigurd and caused my body to retain water. I had assumed this was nothing and just a side effect as steroids state water retention. Once i was off the coarse I had felt better besides the excess pounds i had gained. I started hitting the gym again and felt fine, still had bad allergies but decided off allergy shots for a while to let my immune system settle down. Well low and behold, i woke up soon after and the left side of my face was swollen once again. I went to get xrays and was told it wasnt a sinus infection. I was so confused at this point, so i began going to a natureopath. He practiced Naet and it seemd to help somewhat with my allergies, all the supplements overall had made me feel better than i had in years, but the left side of my face remained swollen. This now had lasted 4 months!!!! Due to the price, after 2 months i quit seeing him because my facial swelling was completly the same. Now that i had at least felt physically better i decided to start my shots once again. 2 weeks in, I got a horrible sinus infection. I recieved a ateroid shot with another short round of steroids and pain pills. 3 weeks passed and my sinus infection seemed to dissapate, but after further xray it still was not completly gone. I recieved another steroid shot and another round of meds. 1 week later, another xray and it was gone! yay! I remained feeling okay, was fine for about a month although facial swelling stayed, I just put up with it at this point and blamed my allergies spazzing out. I began taking ip6 and juicing for 2 months to help my immune system. It was summer now and I was feeling somewhat better. I had a relentless pudge on my abdomen which never seemed to waiver no matter all my excercise, again blamed it on steroids and figured it would subside eventually. That day i went to lay out, I got somewhat of a tan but noticed my vision was blurry, i felt extremly disoriented and my face was extremly swollen on the left side to where i almost could not even see! Had i developed some kind of sun allergy? At this point I am going crazy. Buying organic sunscreens and makeup. The swelling from sun went down but still there. Days after, now began the migraines. I have never experienced them, and they were extreme to almost fainting. These caused facial swelling to worsen further. I had a ct of my head and brain, nothing. I was prescribed anti depressants and told to just take my allergy pills. This helped but once i decided to stop, they came back. Now im going to another naturopath, accupuncture and more natural vitamins. My headaches remained until i realized ip6 was the culprit. No more headaches, awesome!! I was healthy once again, until i began allergy shots and got yet another sinus infection!!! I was able to rid of it naturally, but it turned into an ear infection that i could not cure! Back to the doctor for a steroid shot and more amoxcicillan. After this i was fine, finallly! My face never got over the swelling but i lived with it as i was told it was nothing. Along with this i developed a double chin, made worse when i would heavily drink and or eat foods i was intolerant to so i cut them out. I was healthy september- february. But low and behold, february started new symptoms. Constipation and cramping that were relentless and did not go away. I was given all thyroid/ blood tests. Nothing! Sent to a GI and was told I had ibs and it could be controlled. I have completly changed my diet, eating all safe foods. Quit smoking, and dont drink any more alcohol. My stomach seems to be better, but the cramping and bloating remained. I went to a gynocologist, and was told I had an ovarian cyst. She put me on bc, Which i couldnt take as to i have formed drug intolerance amd makes my face swell up even more. I am now having hair loss and breakage. My legs feel heavy like lead amd worsen if im outside in the sun. my face swells in sun as well and i become dizzy and disoriented. My allergies feel even worse and along with that, my hands constantly feel numb. I am so lost and so desperate. Naturopaths tell me i have severe leaky gut, so I am trying to restore that at the moment. But as far as all of my other symptoms and the long 2 year story, can anyone tell me any info on what this might be.

I am beginning to put the pieces together and wondering if I am having a wierd reaction to recieving juvaderm while getting allergy shots and it caused some autoimmune disease. I am worried lupus/ ms/ fibromyalgia?!

i am only 22 and my life feel like its falling apart. I cannot live like this! Please help me!! Im so desperste;(
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