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Ongoing Skin Issue-crawling feeling, dry skin...?

About 2 years ago I started having very itchy skin, started on my legs first then moved throughout my body.

Areas affected are all over: Face, Scalp, Legs, Eyelashes/Brows, Nose at times, even around Anus and Private areas. Seems to happen anywhere there is pores/hair follicles?

It just seems so strange to me as I have never had any issue like this. Nothing seems to be helping, at times it is not so bad but this is  causing issues for me in my life and sleeping habits. I do not drink liquor or soda, and try to eat healthy. I have no known serious issues and have been tested for Thyroid and so on. All seems good except my skin concerns.

Issues Are: very dry skin when I use NO lotion my skin will appear very dry and flaky, feeling of something crawling/moving on skin also gives me tingles/tickle feelings, pin ***** feeling on skin at times, rashes or reddish skin tone I normally don't have red tones, larger pores on face

Have Tried Didn't Help: Almost all allgery meds none help-Zertec helps at times, creams/shampoos, scabies meds, vitamins

Tests Revealed: Low Vitamin D, H.Pylori, Elevated IgE not a lot, no food allergies, and still doing more allergy tests.

Have: Low Vitamin D, H.Pylori (treated recently have to re-test), Dermographism-Sensitive skin

Question: What could cause this? Could showering everyday cause you to feel like tiny things are on skin or crawling on skin, private areas, nose, and even on eye area(eyelashes/brows)? Or is there something else this could be? I did a scabies treatment but my boyfriend did not as I did not know that he would need to but it didn't help for me so maybe it wasn't scabies. Could this be demodex mites? Your advice helps, thanks. Let me know if you need any other info. I left out...
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I went through the same thing. I also tested vitamin D low in vitamin D.  After researching I came across a dermatolgiest site that sugested mites.  I took a bleach bath.  It was also suggested to mix tea tree oil in liquid soap and shampoo.  After 15 months I actually started clearng up within three days.  i was so bad that I also mixed tea tree oil and water and sprayed my hair and body as often as I could.  The website suggested you do this for three weeks to kill any eggs. Despite I felt better in three days I continued using the tea tree oil for eight weeks.  I also used a Qtip, sprayed it and cleaned my ears and nose.  I also washed all my clothes, including bed clothes with tea tree oil.  I think they cause a bacteria around the hairs.  I sprayed peroxide on my legs and they looked like foam balls.
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wow..is this true?. Bleach bath. How you do this? pour the whole gallon in bath tub? ,where can I buy tea tree oil?
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