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dear sir or Maem (from srilanka)
my english is not very well,sorry for it ,but plz undestanding my bad typing.so am from a srilanka.now age is 34,after long time age 29 ,1st time i have a alcohol aelagic.so am not a more drunk man in my life.but am small drink in a day by day it 27 to 29 age days ok.but after age 29 1st time i know i have alcohol aelagic,so now i cant i drink all type brands beer wines or other brands alcohols,when i drink after so like a  table 2 spoon alcohols after my eyes so red,my heart so faster breathink,,body so unfit,an all alcohol aelagic personals have look like a same me ok?now 2016,ok,so after 29 to 2016 am chanel in my country best profesional doctors an got a pills..ok?but it not fix,my alcohol aelagic not fine in my body,okso i ot pills name is  levocentrine5mg,histafree180mg,ranitidine 150 mg,avil25mg,amileb10mg.allerminedesloratadine,lorez10mg,cetirizine10mg,,an i have blood sugar sir.age 29 i know am blood sugar personal,so i take it this allgery pills after long times sir,doctor change sometimes it pills names?an now is 2017 sir,but my allger not fine why,i take it it tablets after long times, ok,,plz help me sir,my allgery not fine,?i beg you.help me sir,an i like tell you one.it is  when it pills   levocentrine5mg,histafree180mg an i take 1 month so after i can drink a one day is normal ok not have alchohol allgery,but again next day  i cant drink take it same pills again,why again i have alcohol allgery in my body,cant drink,sir doctor plz help me,an my doctor give me kalsana not allgery fine,after take in piriton.but not it work,what i do sir plz dont tell me stop in drinking ok,?email me sir
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