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My mom is six weeks out from having a TKR where they used titanium but was I was informed today that her knee replacement WAS NOT total titanium. within 2 wks post surgery my mom developed a bad smell in sinuses, a very bad bitter metallic taste in her mouth, she's has had constant nausea for six weeks now along with loss of appetite to which she has lost considerable amount of weight, severely depressed with anxiety now..she has been brought to the ER and admitted twice due to these symptoms where she was admitted for dehydration, flu like symptoms and UTI.. they done xrays on her stomach/abdomen ..then they admitted her into a pych ward of the hospital due to severe depression and aniexty in which we had her removed because we, her family felt that she is NOT in need of that type of treatment, brought her BACK to her GP doc due to she is still so sick, now they are wanting to have a ultrasound done on her because for some reason they think she has a gallbladder issue..she has been sick ever since her TKR with the nausea, metallic taste, anxiety, depression, loss of appetitie. etc.. I have done some research and it seems that it is possible that my mom could be having an allergic reaction to the metal in her knee??  does this sound possible based on the symptoms that she has been having ever since her knee surgery?? thank you in advance for any help you can offer
I love my mom so much and I am scared for her life at this point :'( PLEASE
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Very sorry to read of the suffering for all. especially your mother.  

Given the medical attention given it seems to me unlikely that the knee replacement has anything to do with the symptoms.  You didn't mention, or I overlooked, that you consulted with the surgeon who did the replacement surgery - surely they know if there are any, even if only rarely, allergic or other troubling reactions to the metals/surgery done.

I know mental drugs and counseling can be effective. Is there any chance your mother's reaction was induced by worry from something she read or was told about bad reactions to the surgery she underwent?

My wife, suppose as old or older than your mother, takes drugs to help with depression and anxiety and as always there is a trade-off between risk/side-effects/benefits.  Some suppress the mental state of the individual to such an extent that the quality-of-life is down to that of being almost unconscious.   Still, that may be a short -term treatment on the road to recovery.
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Sounds like it's the TKR. If I use my intuition it's affecting the magnetic energy in her aura. And because it's in the body is also releasing the metal through reaction with her body. The tast is mixing the metal mixing with the iron in her blood and yes it's depressive and creates anxiety. The fact they took her to the psych ward is totally out of order. Take the metal out and replace with another product if you have to. Something that doesn't react with her body and aura.
Mentally and emotionally there will be work to do. Maybe seek some kind of healing therapy. This is a tremendous shock to the body.

Love and light
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Did you ever figure this out? The same thing is going on with my mother now line for line of your moms story.
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