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Pain under ribs (left) Middle back pain

I have paind under my left rib cage with pain in the center of my back. I have been diagnosed with a very small gallstone and the enzymes in my pancreas are elevated. the pain in my back radiates from back to front on the left side of my body. The doctor says it is not my gallbladder, what could it be?
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Your spleen is over there. I do not know much about spleen problems though. If you had an abdominal ultrasound, and that did not show anything, you could consider a CT, or MRI. I don't know what would be best in your case.
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I know it has been a while since you posted your question but I am experiancing the exact same thing. I have pain in the middle of my back on the left side and a very sharp pain under my ribs on the same side. The pain is so bad the last couple of days that I can't slouch or bend my waist either way without a lot of discomfort. It almost feels like a hard ball is under my ribs. Have you found anything out as to why this pain occurs? Any help would be nice. Thanks!
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hey Jessika, I was experiencing the same problem except i also had heartburn here in there accompanied by the horrible back pain. your stomach might be producing an excess amount of acid causing the sharp pain under your ribs.If you feel  burning and gnawing or dull pain in the stomach between the navel and breastbone you may also have an ulcer. ulcers can be very painful. there are different types of ulcers. you might want to keep track of your pain like if it worsens after you eat or before do you have other symtoms such as vomiting, nausea, bad breath or even if you are constantly belching. I was diagnosed w/acid reflux but when the pain persisted my doctor decided to schedule me for an upper endoscopy (they put a small tube with a camera through your mouth downt to ur stomach) that re-assured i had no ulcers. before i actually went to the exam i was tested for a helicobacter pylori infection aka H. Pylori which is a spiral bacteria in the stomach that may cause peptic ulcers and is related to other diseases such as lower stomach cancer. as ironic as it is h. pylori can play a roll in both upper and lower stomach cancers. it increases ur risk of lower stomach cancer but helps aid in preventing the risk for upper stomach cancer. Blood test showed that i tested positive for the h pylori infection and i had to take antibiotics for 14days.  try and see your doctor asap and like i said try and keep track of your symptoms. =-) hope this helps a bit.
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I have pain under my left breast and it goes around to my back.  It is tender to the touch and sometimes hurts to breath and when walking.  Any Ideas what it could be
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Hiatal Hernia was my diagnosis. I have had pain that stems from the  middle of my back around to the front under my left ribs. It's felt for the last couple of years as if something is growing larger under the rib. My breathing has been affected and I have had chest pains. A year and a half ago I was in emergency with chest pains and they told me I had a hiatal hernia. At that time they put me on ratinidine for heartburn and it stopped the chest pain. After that time, I started having problems breathing, especially when sitting or laying down on one side..eventually I started noticing the pain...and the feeling of something growing larger. Yesterday I went to the Dr who did xrays to prove to me it was only a nerve in my back which wraps around to your rib..but upon viewing the xrays, said it is a hiatal hernia. I have a feeling when I go back, after my cat scan and blood work..I'll be getting scheduled for surgery. It will be nice to be back to pain free and no worry. It was a relief to find out I didn't have cancer, or a heart problem. I guess they dont take much notice until one grows large enough that it stands out on the xray.
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i have back pain wear my bra strap goes on the left and goes to the left under my left rib cage  i was diagnosed with gerd and take acid reflex medicine but i still have the pain it is very annoying pain it comes and goes but more when i working standing all day what could it be desperate for some suggestions
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I realize this is from a year ago but I have the same pain most of you are describing… it’s a very sharp and painful stabbing that is on the left side of my rib cage and wraps around the left side of my back. I have had this pain for about 8 months off and on… I noticed that when I bent over this morning a sudden stab shot through my back and since then both my back and left rib and been very painful all day.  I constantly have the pain, but it’s usually pretty dull and tolerable so I am wondering if it’s a nerve or something that is being pinched in my back since the pain has been so much worse since hurting my back this morning.  I have had an ultrasound, blood work, CT Scan, diet change, chiropractor and even a colonoscopy that have come up with no results… I guess no news is good news but it’s hard to accept that there is nothing wrong with you when you are in so much pain.   My doctor suggested trying a physical therapist next…. any suggestions???
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Hi, the possibilities of such pain under the rib are Costochondritis (usually experienced on left side), Slipping rib syndrome (ribs can slip and impinge on the intercostal nerve, producing pain), Precordial catch, pleuritis, trauma and Neurologic disorders.

Acute pancreatitis also manifested as abrupt rise in pain and as it is a retroperitonal organ, pain can radiate from the back. In such cases pancreatic enzymes are raised.

Back muscles are related to rib muscles and can cause referred pain. You need to undergo radio imaging (MRI/CT) to rule out the above causes. You need to take rest. Local and oral painkillers against prescription will help you in relieving pain. Have nutritious food. I suggest you to consult physician. Take care and regards.
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I have been having pain in my back on the left side kinda in the middle. I suddenly had the urge to pee and couldn't even make it to the bathroom because it hurt to walk just to even sit there it hurt so bad! I went to lay on the couch and it hurt to even do that. Now I have a horrible headache. Idk what to do!! Help):
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It's 2015 about to be 2016 and I am writing this post. I have Scoliosis along with 2 herniated disc and arthritis in my back, I too deal with the pain from my mid back radiating over to under my left rib. The burning sensation is ridiculous and it's feel like spasms at the same time. There are times were it feels as though someone is under my skin stretching it out to the point it's going to rip, along with that I start having muscle spasm all throughout my back. The pain does not get better it's getting worse..it used to go and come but now it's just stays and I deal with it. Now it hurt to sit straight up. Now the pain is beginning to spread under my left breast and mid stomach. At this point I don't know what it is. I had xrays done and because I thought I had kidney stones or something but I didn't. Every time I go to the Dr they find nothing. I think I need to go back and explain this pain in detail. If I sit up and hold my head down the pain feels like I'm going to rip something and the spasms come with it. I can use you guys advice! Please help
I have been Dx this year with scoliosis as well, herniated disc too. (I am 54)have the same symptoms as you. I am so fed up with pain!!! I am trying a inversion table
Exercising, yoga, good days, bad days the bad days are horrible!! I Feel like I'm going insane, do you get neaseated ?
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In my experience this pain is stomach related, I have a list of food/preservative/additives allergies so long eating is a issue, my day revolves around just eating. I just ate out and it seems the cooked veg dressing had barley in it - after years of this pain being gone it is back. Peppermint oil tablets and tea will settle this, before my allergies were diagnosed my asthma was horrific leaving me bedridden alot, with this pain continuing it used to work its way up to my shoulder, the ultra sonic muscle spasms from the stomach and rib area would leave my left arm and shoulder crippled and with or without severe pain.

My intestines also get these ultra sonic spasms, the worst was my final food test, reintroducing soy I ate crispy aromatic duck (turned out my allergies were fish and poultry too) and after 6 weeks removal this meal within ten minutes was had my intestines in a ultra sonic spasm, I could not drink even water without severe pain, day 3 shingles mark appeared just under my right rib, day 5 I was admitted to ER, as soon as the ER specialist felt my belly (the stomach is not the belly - the belly is the intestines) they could feel the slight spasm, was given citrate (woman get this for period pain also) and within a hour the pain died down to a tolerable level in 5 days. I went home that night.

I have further learnt food allergies dont just happen singular, a mix of contents of several snacks/meals in the stomach can counteract each other by changing the stomachs balance as much as it can change the emzynes released into the intestines, you can suffer pain on both or either.

Peppermint oil capsules/tea is a quick relief but you have to eliminate and reintroduce foods groups that cause the disturbance to your stomach/body, simply we all do not like the same, colours, people, clothes and our stomachs are exactly the same - although humanity has a one size fits all approach to nutrition, wheat, eggs, fish, dairy etc, many asthmatics need to do a food withdrawl/reintroduction test 4 weeks per food group, many more need to do it to remove pain, or better your health.

Take peppermint oil capsules and tea to witjdraw pain and speak to your Dr about food withdrawl/reintroductions - get bloods taken if you can afford such with each withdrawl and reintroduction - this will not always crop up in tests, but you know your own body and that is more important when reintroducing foods withdrawn.

I had no help from my government healthcare provider then or now, I woke up one day feeling great (rare) had cornflakes and milk and within 10 mins i was dizzy, asthmatic, feeling sick, so weak my legs could not take my weight and was ready to collapse and THAT^ pain came. That was the start of my journey of discovery, I feel fitter than I ever have at almost 40, 2 years after that breakfast of doom.

Food in/tolerances are as individual as your DNA. Never forget that one size fits all may work as your wardrobe, but not for anything you eat, inject or apply to your skin - biologically any certain thing has not been tested to your DNA so how can you consider it safe because a manufacturer or govt body says so, when did they run all the reaction tests against your DNA to prove such!

I use these Peppermint oil capsules: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Apercap-Peppermint-Oil-Gastro-Resistant-Capsules/dp/B008RL3E4I

Peace out, and stop eating crap your body is telling you to - if its doing that to your stomach what is actually doing to your DNA, physical and mental health ? Food for though.

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