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Peppermint Allergy?

I have noticed that every time i suck on a peppermint candy, my throat starts to get really itchy. It gets pretty bad, it seems to get a little better when i drink water. Am i allergic to it?
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Comes from a plant so it's reasonable that you could be. I found this info regarding peppermint:

Symptoms of contact sensitivity and ulceration from oral menthol/peppermint-containing products improved with discontinuation and avoidance of these products. 61

Following ingestion of 40 drops of peppermint oil, a patient with no known allergies reported mucosal burns and edema of the tongue and oral cavity. 52 Excessive consumption of mint-flavored sweets caused stomatitis with oral papillary hypertrophy.

Avoiding it might be wise.
Be well, Sandi
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Thank you for the info. It happens all the time and i still pop them in my mouth. I am officially not ever going to have them again. By the way your name the way you spell it is mine!!!! Thank you for sharing your info.

Sandra aka Sandi
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Spearmint and Cinnaminty things are tasty too! Nice to have another Sandi on the board :- ) Friends call me Sands

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