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Pineapple allergy


I was wondering what allergic reactions anyone has when eating pineapples? I gave it to my toddler for the first time, and very slowly, he's been developing rashes behind the ears, around the mouth,and in the belly area.... not fun! itchy! anyways, What medicine is good? I took him to the doc, so they gave him a shot and prelone, and a cream fo rthe itching...he's getting better..
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Allergic reactions can develop to any kind of food depending on the individual's predisposition.
It is commonly observed that the same food may cause different reactions among different people. An individual’s genetic predisposition to allergies will determine which part of his body will become the vulnerable target organ or tissue.
You can give him Benadryl liquid till the itch and the rash subside.
Apply the cream given , also to soothe the skin you can try eucalyptus oil.
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I Also Have An Allergy To Pineapple And Pineapple Juice
When I First Got The Rash My Mouth Swelled When I Ate It A Second Time I
Came Up With A Rash Which First Devolped On My Stomach Then My Arms And Then My Neck And Face And Behind The Ears. I Took Clarityn And Put Calomile Lotion On And It Went After A Week.
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My 2 year old son just had a similar reaction to pineapple.  An itchy rash behind his ears, a rash around his eyes and on his face, a rash on his neck and hive like rash on his belly.

The rash took a few days to subside.  We are in the process of having him tested for allergies.
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