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Pins and needle feeling in different areas of body

For the past couple of months, I have been experiencing feeling of pins and needles on different areas of body.  It does not feel like when your hand or leg falls asleep, but instead like someone taking a needle and just pinching you with it.  It can be in my arms, legs, stomach, hands, anywhere.  When it happens I feel like I need to scratch it or rub it.  I'm very concerned because I don't know if it is pinched nerves, allergy or something else.  It does not happen everyday but happening more and more.  Has anyone experienced anything like this?
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This sensation can be caused by nerve damage, diabetes, problems with circulation, and hypothyroidism among others.  Check with the doctor and get some blood work done to check these things out.  good luck
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I have the same thing.  Doctors tell me it's from anxiety and not having enough oxygen cirtculationg in our body
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I have the same thing also, it goes in my stomach, lower back, and switches arms. Recently it has traveling into my upper legs. It's very annoying. I have had several blood workups, several docs and two neurologists..they've found Nothing! FRUSTRATING
I know what you mean. I recently went to the er with similar symptoms and they could 't pinpoint what was causing it. I had several tests done but they all came out normal.  It is frustrating.  
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i have had the same feeling but all over my body not just in one spot but sometimes in only one area. i seem to get it when i am working out side and my body starts to heat up then go into cooler climate like inside
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I'm 30ish and I just started to feel the sharp needle like pokes mostly in my arms and during realy cold weather or after a run at the park. I can't nerrow it down to lack of oxygen or maybe diabeties because I've had high sugar levels in the past. However, its mostly during a change in the temperature cold/hot and mostly in my arms and shoulders and only if I move my arms or shoulders or if I stretch after a run or in the early morning cold weather.
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This feeling of needle ***** or pins and pricks sensations that you are having are called Paresthesia. Chronic paresthesia indicates a problem with the functioning of neurons.

Are you a diabetic or do you take alcohol?Parasthesias are common in alcoholics and metabolic disorders like diabetes, hypothyroidism, and hypoparathyroidismThey can also be due to peripheral vascular disease, vitamin B12 deficiency or malnutrition.

Get your blood sugar and thyroid hormones levels evaluated. You can take some vit B12 for some days and see if the tingling is gone or not.

In case the symptoms persist then pls consult a neurologist as it can be due to some neurological disorder. Common disorders causing paraesthesias are rheumatoid arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome transient ischemic attack, motor neurone disease, or autoimmune disorders like multiple sclerosis or lupus erythematosus. A diagnostic evaluation by a doctor is necessary to rule these out.

Treatment will depend on the diagnosis.
In case you need more information then pls post us.
i have this all the time now. I have had blood clots in the legs. I do not like  big pin and needles I feel all the time. I talked to m dr but she said it is nothing at all. but I know it is something. I cry all the time because of it. I just wish it would stop. can you or someone help me with this please
i also suffering from same situation my my doctor priscribed me Atarax 25 mg 1 teblet in a day.it works good and you shoul apply melain lotion on that place.
my doctor suggested B-complex tablets to try first. i am yet to start.
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i have been feeling the same sensation all around my body too,and also a antlike movement around my face ,pls can anyone tell me the cause of this sensation?please i need help
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I've been having the same thing all over my body for almost a year. But I've also have muscle twitches and spasms and feeling of heat coming out of my skin. I do have a positive RA Factor. One rheumatologist said he doesn't know what I have and sent me on my way. The second rheumy said I have RA (rheumatoid arthritis). Went for another opinion and the third rhuemy said I don't have RA and I have a false positive RA Factor. My blood tests are now very recently coming out weird and the docs still can't figure it out.

I also have spinal problems which can cause pins and needles. Went to a neurologist and am going for an EMG and SSEP tests.

My B-12, Folic Acid is fine. My Vit.D is VERY VERY low at 8.5 but now taking huge suppliments. Don't have diabetes. Was told my circulation is okay but yet, even when it's very warm, my hands or arms and legs or feet are freezing. So is my nose and ears.

I have read about a few experiences of others. I have this pin-like sharp pains on my arms both ways. I called a doctor and he suggests I should stop taking coffee. I am wondering how coffee can cause such.
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I was having this, too, and discovered that it was something called neuopathy.  I don't have diabetes or pre-diabetes and my thyroid has been checked recently.  I was having it really badly for a while and it was really debilitating and would have me doubling over and wincing in pain.  I also felt the need to either scratch or rub or even just hold whichever area was in pain.  It got to the point where this neuopathy was moving from place to place faster than a freight train.

Then, I discovered what the problem was.  I was having a serious reaction to something I was very allergic to and didn't even know I was ingesting.  After I discovered what the problem was and removed the source, 99% of the neuropathy disappeared almost right away.

I still get some of this neuropathy a little bit from time to time.  Nothing like when it was so debilitating and nearly killed me.  I have so many food sensitivities and allergies that I'm still discovering and the list of allergies is growing so long and longer than ever.  I have Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, so I'm allergic to everything under the sun.  

I never did find out what it was that used to cause the tingling and burning on the fronts of my thighs from time to time.  They would be hot to the touch even.  I haven't noticed this sensation for a very long time.  I nearly forgot about it.  When I saw my doctor for it, by the time I had my appointment, the symptoms were gone.  She didn't know what it could be and said she couldn't order any tests for something without any definite symptoms.

Since I've made so many dramatic changes for the better in my diet and discovered so many food allergies and lost a lot of weight, I haven't had the strange burning sensation on my thighs, and I don't get nearly the dramatic neuropathy that I used to get.

I never knew about the B vitamins or folic acid connection, but I wouldn't be surprised if I'm still deficient, since I was found to be severely vitamin D deficient.  I'm still working on getting the right nutritional supplements with the naturopath.  I am taking a lot of vitamin D supplementations now.  It was so low that mine was lower than what Lori707 reported hers being.  I'll be rechecking it soon.  

Like her, I also have spinal problems.  I see a chiropractor regularly, and that does make a difference with the neuropathy, too.  Besides the pain I get, I notice the neuropathy when I'm overdue for an adjustment.

Please I still want to know, does coffee have any effect in encouraging the pains?
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Can you please tell me how rheumatoid arthritis can cause pins & needles? I have them ALL over my body including my head and also heat radiating out of my skin but I have no fever. Can RA do this? If so, please explain. I'm trying to figure myself out. I posted here and since then, my ferritin went down to 11, RBC,HCT and a couple others went Low. Also my liver enzymes went up and my ALT is High. My bun and bun/creatine is creeping up. That's new. I'm falling apart here and TRYING to get some questions answered by the docs to no avail.

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Yikes!  You're kidneys are starting to have low function, too?  My nephrologist never did figure out what caused my kidneys to do the same thing to me.  It's puzzling to me, too, why they did this to me suddenly, causing me to need to be hospitalized for a few days, because they had gotten bad enough to actually cause me to be sick enough to go to the e.r. with what I thought were my IBS symptoms acting up again.  Just as puzzling as to why my kidneys did this to in the first place is why they started to recover on their own.  As of the last set of blood tests, they were only slightly better than the previous time.

My iron and vitamin D levels have been extremely low, too.  My vitamin D levels started out lower than what you reported.  It was bad enough to scare my family practitioner, who I've seen for years.  She said that means that it barely registered at all.  It may be why I had a terrible virus syndrome that lasted an entire month about a year and a half ago, both she and the naturopath agree on this.

I still get the occasional neuropathy, like Lori707 described, but it has decreased significantly since figuring out my food sensitivities and allergies.  Like her, I was getting in any and every location, and it was traveling from place to place very fast.  I barely even had time to catch my breath before the next sensation would start.  It was downright painful.

Both my naturopath AND my nephrologist, who is a conventional doctor,  told me to take 100 mg of chelated iron, since my ferritin was much lower than what Lori707 was talking about here.

I've never seen a rheumatologist, but I have enough symptoms to suggest I'm dealing with Fibromyalgia myself.  As I'm writing this, I've been having some mild neuropathy, which never did go away completely.  It just isn't as debilitating, since discovering my food allergies.

I haven't been told that my liver enzymes have gone up, but I'm not sure if the liver enzymes were tested.  My cholesterol was tested and the total numbers went down.  The triglycerides are fine now.  The total number is in the normal range now.  I am definitely on a much healthier diet, which shows with these numbers.  But, the HDL and the LDL numbers still need to be reversed.  So, I'm taking fish oil and red yeast rice.  The bottle of red yeast rice says to use one of these 600 mg capsules twice a day, but my naturopath only told me to take a total of 600 mg a day, so I've been only taking one.  I've always been wary of taking most supplements without proper guidance, so I'm taking the more conservative amount of red yeast rice that the naturopath said to use.

I thought that other than that it seems like our symptoms have been very similar, so I would like some answers, too.
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i've been suffering from this pin like symptoms for almost 2-3years now and is very painful and fustrating it hurts alot all over my entire body even in my head sometimes it make me want to commit sueiside i've visited almost 3 doctors and they can't seem to help me i feel like im dying slowly. i have 2 kids and cant seem to do anything for them when the pain is on me. im even considering resigning from my job cause i don't think i can do a fair day work any more so i need to stay home.
sometimes i feel something relasing some gas under my skin and the pain in my head hurts so bad it makes me understand what Jesus went through on the cross with those nails being pierce through his body. im goin to try the vitimin b12
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