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Please Help My Son

My son has suffered from mouth ulcers for 8-9 yrs. He is 16 yrs. The last 2 yrs. they have gotten worse. He has multipule always, with as many as 15 or more at a time. They have began to go down his throat. We have seen G.I's, 2 dentists, 1 dental specialist. 1 oral suregon. We have been to our Pediatrician over and over he doesn't know what it could be. We have tested for Crohns,IBS, Celiac, we have modifiied his diet., Changed tooth pastes (sls free). Bought vitamin supplements. Numerous labs. Nothing. Biopsy done. Pathology says it points to immunology but they say it is not an immune disorder. We are currently waiting to see Allergy Dr. and Rhuemotology. Although we have moved and changed many things, nothing has helped. He now has no pain relief. He doesn't eat well cause he can't, and is fatigued. I have heard from the Dr.s over and over that they have heard of this but never have seen it. They have seen mouth ulcers but never to this degree. Please if anyone has heard of this or thinks of any where we can turn to. I have also been told that he is not allergic to his dental fillings. I am running out of "what if's"
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Did you ever get the results of the allergy testing?
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I understand the mental turmoil you must be going through especially after not getting any confirmed diagnosis even after seeing so many specialists.

It would help to talk to the allergy specailsit in detail about this and also reconsult with the pediatrician about his symptoms.

Do the ulcers come and go or are they persistent?

Are they multiple? Are they at the same site everytime?

Let us know how your son is doing now.

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