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Possible banana allergy/intolerance?

I'm not sure if I have a banana allergy, intolerance or another thing altogether. The last few times I've had bananas I had terrible gas pain centralized around my ribcage and upper back, along with a bloated and queasy feeling. It's happened the worst after having some banana bread. I don't seem to get a fever, hives or throat swelling, just terrible pain leaving me hunched over. Taking an over-the-counter product such as Simethicone helps but I've started avoided bananas... Does this sound like a banana allergy/intolerance, or does it sound like something different?
Many thanks, Reluka
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Just stay off the bananas. Otherwise it does not sound serious.
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I have been experiencing the same exact feelings but do not associate it with eating bananas.  I eat a banana a day due to blood pressure meds and urinating alot (for potassium).  I thought maybe I  was getting gall bladder or pancreas trouble.  I will try to stay away from bananas for a few days and see what happens.  Hope that works for you.  Take care
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Hi, welcome to the forum, you seem to have food intolerance not an allergy. Abdominal bloating is usually seen due to hyperacidity, air swallowing or intolerance to certain food like lactose, gluten, certain wheat etc. You seem to have intolerance to banana hence you need to avoid further intake in the future.

You need to practice correct technique of breathing to avoid air swallowing. You also need to avoid spicy food, caffeine, vinegar, alcohol and smoking if present. Yes Semithicone, against prescription, will help you to alleviate bloating. I suggest you to consult a physician. Take care and regards.
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