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Possible black mold allergy?

My husband has been having symptoms at least one day a week for the last year and a half. It starts as tingling at the base of his neck which works it's way up his scalp to the forehead. Then his eyelids get very heavy to the point he can't keep them open. He loses all concentration and begins to feel very sleepy. I have come home from work before to find him on the sofa in what I call a comatose sleep. I have had trouble waking him. He goes into a very deep sleep and is this way the rest of the night. The next morning he feels like he has a hangover. He was checked for diabetes, came back normal; He went to a neurologist who did a study of his brain activity and sent him for an MRI, both came back normal. We are out of options. Does anyone know if this could be a mold allergy. He is an electrician and is under houses and in attics alot of the time. He has had these symptoms while under houses with evident black mold, but this is not always the case. He said it almost feels as if he's being poisoned by something.
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Mold allergy can cause hives,ithching,rashes and respiratory symptoms and sometimes dizziness;but it can’t cause excessive sleepiness without any of these symptoms associated.

Causes of excessive sleepiness are sleep-wake cycle disorder like in night shifts, sleep apnea and other sleep-related breathing disorders, psychiatric disorders like depression and schizophrenia,diabetes,obesity,restless leg syndrome,use of drugs or alcohol and narcolepsy(Abnormal sleep disorder leading to excessive daytime drowsiness). Kleine-Levin syndrome is present in about three times more males than females, but it is a very rare syndrome and can be a cause of hypersomnia or excessive sleepiness.

I feel that you should get your husband evaluated by a sleep specialist and find out the confirmatory diagnosis.Treatment will depend upon the diagnosis.

Take care and regards.

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