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Post-nasal drip

I have been having problems with mu sinuses for a year now and its completely affected my life, I am afraid of social situations. I have ear pressure, pain, congestion and worst of all a bad smell which comes from my nose. It's so bad I can barely sit in a rome with people, people hold their nose around me especially when I speak. I had a CT scan it showed I had inferior hypertrophy on the right side of my maxillary sinus, sinusitis, and a mucus retention cyst on the right side.

Finally, I had turbinate cautery to clear the turbinate hypertrophy it has helped I can breathe finally, yet the smell hasn't diminshed at all. My ENT said it was from accumulation of post-nasal drip, which sounds unreasonable. Yet, this smell is really bad. People cough and quickly move away from me, I mean even people 5-6ft away, I feel as if I am contagious. The doctor put me on Astelin, it has dried up the phelgm I usally have but the smell still hasn't lessened. It's only been 3 days but I've been living this nightmare for a year, I'd hate to get my hopes up that I could be cured.

Does anyone know whether this is where the smell originates from? I thought it was my breathe because how could a smell come from your nose yet it has. It's really embarrassing because people are less than nice about it, my dating life has suffered and I've felt all alone on this.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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There must be a reason that noone posted since your response.  Could it be that they have all been cured?  Possibly yes.  I tried your suggestion on a whim, immediately I noticed the odor had deminished, I mean immediately.

Now I have been suffering from this debilitating disease/symptom for over 12 years and I have tried everything.  In my mind it started after an over use of antibiotics to fight sinus infections.  I went to ent's, allergists, dentisits, gastro-intestinal docs, psychologists, natural healers, chiropractors, accupuncturists, etc.  I've tried everything including dietary changes, nasal washes, thera-breath, food grade hydrogen peroxide, pharmaceutical grade nystatin, more antibiotics, anxiety meds, virgin oils, sinus massage, saunas, reflexology, steam oils, a thousand different supplements and herbs, etc., etc., etc.  I mean the breath I had was Godzilla like and it did not matter how many times I brushed, gargled, or scraped my tongue.  Gum or mints had no effect.  I used to inhale when I talked to people in order to spare the recipients.  I mean people would duck my conversations better than George Bush ducking a flying shoe.  God help the poor ******* that should happen to draw a seat next to me on a plane.  I would have to pretend to sleep the entire flight in order to save him/her from sheer nausea.  

I am a restauranteur and have the need to be in constant social situations with customers as well as close conversations with my employees.  It has been difficult to say the least.  I have been using the grapefruit extract now for about 5 days and I feel for the first time in years confident enough to talk closely with my employees, friends, and customers again. When I wake in the morning I can literally give my girlfriend a kiss now, exhaling with an open mouth without even brushing my teeth first...it is amazing.  She noticed a immediate difference in my mood.  I am almost certain that the odors were due to a fungal infection of sorts that would produce disgusting smells while attaching itself to stagnent mucus from post nasal drip and drainage.  I was hacking constantly.  I could scrape what seemed like fur off of the back of my tongue at times, especially when I drank milk, soda or beer, ate bread, or had anything sugary to eat.  The mucus would accumulate like you could not imagine, it was like old yogurt that never went away.  I was constatnly clearing my throat or hacking and spitting.  It was truly disgusting.  I would have to keep a waste basket next to my bed to expel the **** throughout the night or I felt like I would choke.  I disgusted myself not to mention the anxiety I felt around my girlfriend and other people.  

Since taking the grapefruit extract the mucus is still present, but less sticky which makes it easier to swallow, and is no longer odorous.  Food tastes better than ever and I no longer have that nasty bitter sour taste constantly in my throat.  I feel like a new man.  I hope to soon get back to living my life.  I went to the dentist today for the first time in 2 years and felt confident having my mouth open for the better part of an hour.  I ate white toast and cereal with real milk for breakfast today and suffered no repercusions.  It feels like a miracle and I want to especially thank you for posting on this board, which I just happen to come across after I googled smelly post nasal drip.  I have been on hundreds of threads hoping to find a cure and this appears to finally be it.  Thank you again!  You are the man or woman?!  My family, friends, employees, customers, and especially my wonderfully tolerant girlfriend of 5 years thanks you as well.

Last thing, I did notice a bit of a tingling or numbing sensation on my tongue since I began using the extract, just wondering if that has happened to you as well and if so how long it takes to go away if ever.  My research on grapefruit seed extract turned up some info this symptom as a possible side effect.  Also, I still do seem to have a fair amount of mucus still, I have not used a nasal irrigator but have used a neti pot with the extract.  Just wondering, did your mucus issue go away more slowly or do you have another suggestion to alleviate that problem?  Thanks in advance.  Rick.
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Holy cow, i'm getting so happy reading about this grapefruit extract.  I thought I had my problem fixed after finding out about the saline wash, it helped keep my breath fresh longer but after 2-4 hours the (AWFUL!!!) smell would come back.  I just came back to this site in hope of finding something and here it is, please god let this work.  I can't do this much longer, I mean this has really mad me suicidal, even when i'm alone it's all I can think about.
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ss1981 or RickGB

I'd really like to contact and maybe have a convo with one of you guys about this issue to be sure we have the same problem.

When i'm sitting in a room with someone say 5 feet away from them, even right after brushing and with gum in my mouth i'm asked, "did you fart"?  I've told people that I did fart before just becuase that's less embarrasing then saying no my breath is just that jacked up.  It almost seems like the bad smell comes out like a fart like it can be somewhat a normal smell but I can still smell that dry cheese kind of smell but then out of nowhere it gets really bad.  Maybe it's just how the smell travels thru the wind.  I have to fix this.  i'm going on 5 years now and to be honest i'm about to give up and look into disability and live alone.
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Hello to all, this message is for ss1981, RickGB, and icantlivelikethis.  Which grapefruit extract brand exactly did you guys use and where can I get it.  PLEEEAAASSE!!! As I’m so desperately looking to get rid of this problem once and for all.  I’m pretty sure you guys know the importance of networking and helping one another…
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So did the grapefruit seed extract work for you icantlivelike this?
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Please let me know what brand of grapefruit seed extract that you used - is it still working for you? And exactly how are you taking it - still 12 drops per glass 3xday?  And what type of irrigation machine did you add the 15 drops of grapefruit seed extract?  I've had this for 15 years, had many surgeries that have not helped and I am desperate!  Please, please answer soon.
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