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Post-nasal drip

I have been having problems with mu sinuses for a year now and its completely affected my life, I am afraid of social situations. I have ear pressure, pain, congestion and worst of all a bad smell which comes from my nose. It's so bad I can barely sit in a rome with people, people hold their nose around me especially when I speak. I had a CT scan it showed I had inferior hypertrophy on the right side of my maxillary sinus, sinusitis, and a mucus retention cyst on the right side.

Finally, I had turbinate cautery to clear the turbinate hypertrophy it has helped I can breathe finally, yet the smell hasn't diminshed at all. My ENT said it was from accumulation of post-nasal drip, which sounds unreasonable. Yet, this smell is really bad. People cough and quickly move away from me, I mean even people 5-6ft away, I feel as if I am contagious. The doctor put me on Astelin, it has dried up the phelgm I usally have but the smell still hasn't lessened. It's only been 3 days but I've been living this nightmare for a year, I'd hate to get my hopes up that I could be cured.

Does anyone know whether this is where the smell originates from? I thought it was my breathe because how could a smell come from your nose yet it has. It's really embarrassing because people are less than nice about it, my dating life has suffered and I've felt all alone on this.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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never mind, I posted too soon.  It didn't work for me over time
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hi there, i have suffered with this problem for 18 years now and have tried everything! i have been using a netti  to sinus cleans which doesnt help. i am going to try your method with the grapefruit, can this been used with the neti pot or do i need some other type of nasal irrigation system, the neti can only be used in head forward position. many thanks
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**PLEASE READ** I've suffered for almost 2 decades with chronic post nasal drip and bad breath because of it. I'm currently 26 now and the last 2 weeks I went on an anti candida diet where I did not consume sugars/carbohydrates to kill off excess yeast. I ate lots of raw garlic with my foods.

That still didn't help with the post nasal drip or stinky mucus. I read more on this site and someone wrote about grape fruit seed extract mixed in with a saline spray... I don't have grape fruit seed extract but what I used was a nose sprayer with store bought clean/spring water and celtic sea salt mixed in.

I used tap water and table salt long ago and never went on the anti-sugar diet about a year ago and that didn't help so I think  the diet and the clean water and better celtic sea salt helped.  What i did was spray like 15-20 times or more into each nostril until the water ran into my mouth and it also dispelled a chunk of whitish-yellow mucus that assume was the infection but I can't be sure... it made my nose bleed and hurt like hell but for the whole day I didn't have any stink just a very small amount of post nasal drip.

I even binged the night before eating equilvalent to about 5 bowls of ice cream in sugar and still the next day when I tried the celtic sea salt spray into nose I was stink free the whole day.

If anyone is reading this please don't try store bought saline crap, make it yourself with clean water and healthier celtic sea salt... you might have to change your diet too because before this cure everytime I ate sugar/cobohydrates foods i would get massive post nasal drip and it made my stink worse.

Now eating sugary foods after this "cure" I still don't get a lot of post nasal drip. So I hope I may have helped someone because suffering for almost 2 decades was painful but now I feel like a big weight has been lifted off my shoulders and i can finally enjoy life and be with someone wow **PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD IN ALL THREADS**
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Hey has anyone tried the regimen by curedsufferer and seen great results???  I'm looking to do it myself, i know he already gave the instructions but i want to get into depth on it.
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I tried the celtic sea salt regime provided by curedsufferer.  I did it for 4 days, didn't see no results some now i'm back to step one; looking for something that will help.  Anyone with any suggestions.  
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