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Pregnant: Frequent sneezing, strange rash, runny nose

So, I'm a little more than 17 weeks pregnant. Lately I've been waking up with an extremely runny nose. ONLY after waking will I have frequent sneezing. And I mean, about 8 times in a row. My lymph nodes felt a little sore yesterday, but that has seem to have subsided.

I'd also like to mention I recently developed a strange 'rash' on my chest, and stomach. More details about that can be found in one of my other posts.

I also feel that the bow part of my upper lip is dry. But not painful at all. I've tried chap stick, and it doesn't seem to make any deference . I'm wondering what this all could be.

Thank you. I appreciate your help.
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Also recently the inside of my nose tends to be extremely itchy.

:| Gross.
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Dont know where you live I have the same symptoms, all argies, we live in The Los Angeles area an we have Santa Anna winds blowing, it could be allergies.
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