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Prolonged Post nasal drip(clear

Hi All, I have prolonged watery PND after an acute Sinus attack that didn't go away after taking one course of antibiotic. Even though the drip is clear, i have headache, toothache(related?)and feverish(37 vs my norm of 36.5).
I had two FBCs done and results all clear, no sign of infection. I'm very frustrated to feel chill in the office(air cond) and feel sick about it. Saw another Doc and suggested me to use Rhinocort/nasal spray to treat allergy. Can anyone out there shed some light? Thanks
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My PND is clear, also, and I felt the same - and after many meds, drs, and tests, they are saying allergy - plus if you read up, they say when it's clear that's it.  So...try the allergy meds.  I've tried MANY and find NasaCort is best for me.  Hope you feel better.
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Consider acid reflux.  This can cause consistent sinus and throat mucus secretions to combat the effects of the corrosive stomach acid on the delicate lining of our throat and nasal passages.  Yes, acid can get that far up into your system.  Take a look at some of the websites.  You might find it interesting.  Acid reflux definitely made me feel sick all of the time.  IT is getting better with change of diet, lifestyle and acid reducers.  Good luck
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i had a persistent cough and PND for years at all times of the year (so not just a pollen problem although that made it worse in summer). eventually it came down to food reactions. salicylate and then later i've realized that dairy products are a big factor for me. One lick of an icecream starts me coughing for a few mins with lots of mucus. when i avoid the offending foods i don't get symptoms - which is a big relief - i thought i was stuck with this for life. i used to use antihistamine and steroids etc but got few up with them and the expense.

all the best
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I have had stomach problems as well, along with severe sinusitis.  I figured it was just post nasal drip, but I was constantly dry heaving and getting faint and feeling awful.  I actually had to get an upper gastrointestinal endoscopy to see if something else was going on in my stomach.  But, as it turns out, the only problem they found was acid reflux.  Acid reflux can be pretty awful.  So i agree that you should get that checked out.
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