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Psyllium and Cinnamon evolving intolerance?

I have always reacted to cinnamon gum with swollen gums and itchy throat.  As I aged, I noticed I couldn't drink Canela teas or eat Indian Biryani dishes with cinnamon bark boiled into the recipes without developing a rash of welts across my chest, flushing, and inflamed gums.  I totally stay away from cinnamon now, but see it in a lot of topical skin products as cinnamyl alcohol and wonder if that would trigger some reaction, does anyone have any thoughts?  

Another concern is this intolerance I seem to have for psyllium husk.  I tried to boost my fiber and ended up with hot flashes of itching goosebumps that last about 10-15 minutes then reside before attacking again.  Digestion wise, lets just say all of the desired effects happened, but the itching all over my trunk was unbearable.  I absolutely stay away from that stuff now, have switched to inulin supplements, but I am wondering about links with other barks/husks, etc that I should try to avoid.  For instance, should I avoid willow bark?  I am wondering what is the source of the allergy in these products so I can continues to find health and beauty aids that aid and don't hinder my well being.  Wheat products make my stomach bloat and cramp for hours but it goes away, is it related to the gluten or the stuff that makes up the wheat plant, I would like to know if I am wrongly blaming gluten for something related to the grain and and not the protein.
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