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Random Allergic reaction? dust? foods or meds?

Friday night I took out a telescope stored on my front porch, haven't been touched in years. I blew off the lense with my eyes closed since it was very dusty. Hours later I noticed I had an itchy bump on my forearm and a white bump under my eye and two small red ones next to the side of my eye. I thought they were just mosquito bites and went to bed. I couldnt sleep my whole body was itching, red bumps on legs, small of my back, my whole scalp and neck. I got up and took a hot shower thinking again I just got bit up really bad.

Saturday I was still itchy took another hot shower put my pajama pants on from the night before and took a nap. Later in evening I noticed the side of my lip swelling and more lumps and bad itching. I went to urgent care, got steroids and benadryl. Thought it was maybe brownies from dominos i ate the night before and that day (friday night and saturday). Sunday wasn't  as bad I had a badish break out early in the morning, thought it was from my metimazole (thyroid meds) or a chocolate granola bar (never had problem with chocolate before) I stopped taking my methimazole and had  a small arm breakout that night..

Monday I took a shower and  changed laid on my couch, played with my dog, ate two small chocolate chip cookies and the back of my head and neck started breaking out badly. Went to back to urgent care and got a shot and a script for prednisone. Went home that night put on pajamas and napped on my couch woke up and had hives again. I was still wearing the same pajamas since friday night.

tuesday I napped most of the day on my couch and had hives here and there, changed from my pajamas they started going away and went to the my primary care dr just for a follow up on my thyroid. He told me to get some zyrtec and that he thought the allergy was something I was ingesting said peanut butter or chocolate was possible but didnt think so and didnt think my methimazole did it. Thursday small hives here and there on my hands, arms nothing severe and barely any today (friday) so far.

I have stayed away from my couch, still off my methimazole, washed all my bedding and clothing I would have worn and haven't eaten chocolate or peanut butter. Do you think the dust of friday could have caused such a severe reaction? maybe recontaminating myself with those pajamas I wore after? or my couch? I febreezed my couch a week or so ago not sure if that could cause it. Tappering down on the predisone went down to two pills today. Any insights or ideas?
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