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Random Swelling

In October 2007, I broke out in hives from my neck to my thighs, and my entire face swelled.  I went to the doctor and got a shot, nothing has happend until January 2008.  Randomly my lip will swell, my eyelid, sections of my ankle or elbow.  One nostril has swollen as well.  They don't all of these at the same time, just at random times.  It has even happend when I haven't eaten or drank anything.  Any suggestions/ reasons why this his happening are welcome.
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I too, have been dealing with the random swelling since April 07. I have been to allergists, rhuematologists, internist, and neurologist. The docs keep referring to the swelling as angioedema ~ google it. I've had swollen eye lids, the soles of my feet will be hot to the touch and I am unable to walk from the pain, swollen finger tips, swollen nostril, my lip will look like I was punched in the face. The docs can't figure it out. Also, I have had a recent weight gain of 30lbs(Aug.125 - Dec. 155). I have chronic fatigue. I had blood work done last week, and the results are low potassium, low creatinine, and low T4 (thyroid). I am trying to figure out what's wrong with me. Be proactive ~ don't wait on the doc. Demand that they do labs, etc. Good luck to you on your search for wellness!!  
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6 days ago Feb 19/08, my palms of hands started to itch, 2 days later they started to swell as well.My hands started to get better yesterday (Sunday) , BUT when the hives on my hands started to get better, my lower part of my arms stared with swollen, big itchy painful bumps. Each time one part of my body would seem to get better, the hives would jump to another part of my body. its gone from my hands, to my arms, to my waist, to my scalp, neck...and then my face, where i woke with the one side of my face so swollen that i could not open my one eye. going to see my doctor today, but wondered if anyone can help  in the meantime. Thank you very much. Just writing it down helps....:)

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Was your doctor able to pinpoint the reason for the hives when you had it in Oct 2007? In case of allergies it is best to find out the cause of allergy and then try to avoid it completely. If the reason has not been isolated it would be best to go to the doctor or allergy specialist in an effort to identify what is the reason for this allergy. The doctor may also prescribe you some medication so that you can avoid the symptoms should you develop them anyhow. In the meantime, it would be best if you use some OTC anti-allergics/ anti-histamines to help you tide over the symptoms.

Please let me know if you have any queries. Also keep us posted on your health.

Good luck.
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For the past 15 years I've had swellings on every part of my body, from head to toes.  Went to allergy specialist, done the test, looked at food, etc.  The trigger I found was stress, either mental or physical but didn't happen all the time.  Finally something changed.

I didn't get swellings for months.  the only  thing that changed was that I switched from an antiperspirant to a deodorant.  After that, the swellings slowely went away.  Now I don't even get the slightest of swellings.  Antiperspirant are apparently not very good for you.  They contain aluminum oxides that stop you from perspiring.  When I switched to a deodorant everything changed.  This worked for me, but may not be the cause of your allergy.  Good luck!

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My husband randomly woke up last fall in the middle of the night and said his tonge was swolen? He went back to bed and woke up to it being worse and barely could swollow. He took himself to the hospital and they gave him a shot and it went down. It had happen three more times after that and went to see a allergist but of course no answers and lot of medication and a epy pen to be with him at all time????? Now it happens every couple of months sometimes sooner and for acouple of days at a time. It is his eyed lid, mouth, cheek, and throut. sometimes his hands and feet itch and it hurts to walk. It has affected our marriage becuase I feel he might just drop dead one day. Some of the pills he takes when this happens makes him very mean and tired. We thought it was stress becuase I was pregnant with out second child and was having lots of issues half way through.   Lindsay
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I woke up 4 days ago with large red itchy bumps initially on my forearms. With in 5 minutes they were all over my neck, waist, scalp and my ears started to swell. I took some allergy tablets ( Chlorpheniramine) and the itching/ hives stopped within 2 hours, but my ears continued to swell. About 8 hours later they started to resume normal appearance. Later that evening i started noticing i was extremely achey, ecspecially in my hips and knees. Shortly after i also noticed that i had slight swelling in my upper lip. I took some advil and allergy tabs and went to sleep. Once again i awoke the next morning with all of my upper lip very swollen and large red itchy bumps on my neck, scalp, forearms, waist and knees. I finally went to the doctor considering i could hardly talk, therefore unable to work. The doctor gave me a steroid injection called Kenalog and said the swelling should  go away within 24 hours. The swelling did go down throughout the day, but the aching continued. I started getting painful areas on my skin( palms of my hands, outsides of my knees and my tailbone). My hips ached so badly i could barely walk, but i just gave it time per doctors orders. Oce again i awoke the next morning with the same itchy "hives". My lip was no longer swollen, but my thumb was swollen and painful in the joint. Throughout the day my left ankle began to swell and hurt to the touch. As the day went on, the pain and swelling in my ankle got worse. By 7 pm i could not put pressure on my foot without causeing immense pain. I took some more advil which relieved the pain, but it still hurt. I woke this morning, no rash, ankle still slightly swollen and red, but less painful. I have absolutely no idea what's going on with my body. The Dr. says it's an allergic reaction to a medication i have been on for years. Seems a little unlikely to me. I'm a 27 yr old female. If anyone can help please let me know.
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