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Rash from fiberglass insulation?

My son has broke out in a rash each time we have visited my parents cottage that is partially under construction. The basement has fiberglass insulation on the studded walls. My concern is that the fiberglass particals may have got into the air or couch and are irritating his skin at each visit. Benedryl has helped somewhat, but the rash persists. Hydrocoritsone 1% cream and frequent lubrication over the following week helps to clear the skin.
Are you familiar with this sort of issue with fiberglass insulation? I am hoping this is the problem, because it would be a relatively easy cure, finish the basement with drywall.
They do have a lake there also, but his rash started before we got in the lake this last week end.
Thank you for your help!
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I think I may be experiencing the same thing.  I am finishing my basement and developed a rash strictly on my chest and back.  It's been 3 days now and it's still itchy.  I recall having a minor reaction a few weeks ago, but now I seem to be more sensitive.
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i have a rash as well, my job requires me to insert insulation in oven doors, i have only worked there a short time and did not have the rash before. i wear protective sleves and gloves and i am still getting tiny bumps on my arms hands and chest .
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It would be advisable to consult an allergy specialist and talk to him/her in detail about your symptoms.

This would help in coming to a probable diagnosis and in also deciding what investigations need to be done to come to a confirmed diagnosis.

Till you get an appointment it would help to take oral antihistamine or antiallergic medications and to apply calamine lotion on the rash. Keep the area clean and do consult a specialist at the earliest.

Let us know what your doctor advises and also how your son is doing now.

Hope this helps.

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I recently broke my foot and began having sporadic skin reactions such as itching, burning and severe swelling in various areas - hands, arms, face.  As the days went on, this swelling progressed to my tongue and throat and landed me in the hospital twice.  The reactions have gotten more severe and more sudden each time.  I now know it is the fiberglass in casts and splints that caused my allergic reactions.  Insulation is a known entitiy that causes harm  but I never realized that fiberglass is a common component found in other everyday items.  Does anyone have any information on other sources of fiberglass items?
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I recently breathed some dust from fiberglass insulation and my throat became very sore and my sinuses have swollen...I have noticed this before and usually wear an organic vapor mask { 30 dollars at home depot}  I was visiting a friend on a construction site and while talking to him he pulled  a piece of fiberglass down..thats all it took.  I have small bumps all over the back of my throat and dificulty breathing usually this lasts about a week....any ideas on what to take to help?
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my cheeks are red and itchy/burning at the same time.. please tell me the best way to sooth them. i just tried a cold shower and it worked for about 20 minutes. this is not cool to be allergic too. damn. haha, yeah i'll probably just end up waiting it out because this topic is dead. but please help if read in the near future. thanks
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i just started working with fiberglass and i have a rash and is there anything i could put on my self before going to work.i itch very badly and will i get used to it or do i have to quit my job.pattie
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Those of you with rashes, #1 I would recommend calling your pharmacists or even seeing your pharmacists if the rash is in a place that can be easily seen.
#2 Use aloe vera gel and Hydrocortisone 1% cream. (this is what my pharmacist recommended when I called her about fiberglass rashes on the arms and yes aloe and the cream are safe on the face too)
For those of you with it in your mouths, throats, my suggestion is milk but call your pharmacist first to double check.
For those that work around Fiberglass, wear long sleeves, long pants, long socks, boots if possible, face masks (to protect your nose and mouth), goggles (to protect your eyes) and long gloves to protect your hands (even gardening gloves are better than nothing).

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My dad had the issues you have mentioned and he went to an allergist. The Dr. told him it was not an allergic reaction to the fiberglass.  Fiberglass is made up of a small "sliver" type material that is released into the air and lays on the skin. Once the person begins to sweat or takes a hot or warm bath or shower the "slivers" enter the skin. The fiberglass pieces then become stuck under the skin and cause itching and a rash. My father was told the best way to avoid this is take a cold shower for about 5 minutes to rinse all fiberglass from the skin. The key is to not expand the pores of the body once exposed to fiberglass.   I hope this will help you some.
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I shot fiberglass for a couple of years making everything from boats to sleepers and hoods for semi's. Our trick for the itch was to rinse off with acetone (nail polish remover). We actually had coffee cans full of it sitting all over the shop to dunk our arms into. It immediately "melts" the fiberglass and gives you instant relief, then you can wash off with soap and water to remove the acetone. Just be sure to try a small patch first to be sure you're not allergic to the acetone and make matters worse.
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well my storie is.
well i just turned 19, and i had work expierance 3 years ago which i had to do for a secondary school.

The work i did involved, moving huge rolls of fiberbglass, and now 3 years on im still getting rashes on my hands and arms. I use cream for it, and yes it clears up, but warm days just always seem to bring it back up again.

I was wondering, the place were i was working, should they of made me wear protectave clothing?

The only reason why i didnt use any was because at that age i didnt have a clue what fiberglass was.
I just got on with the job,

After moving huge heavy rolls of fiberglass i just remember itching constantly, and it didnt go off my cloths all day and i couldnt change to because with the constant work i was doin

is there anyway to get rid of the rashes?

thank you
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I am 32, and have been living pretty much disfigured from working in a fiberglass factory, we manufactured electrical boxes, and I was the glass cutter, then it would go to a chop booth, then get rolled out, then dry, then popped out of a mold. It is on my forearms (insides), my thighs, my back, and my chest mostly. Looks like brown little spots all over. I was in fear of having Kaposi's Sarcoma (HIV related), and was happy to learn that it was not. Went to dermatologist, took a biopsy, and later told me there was nothing she could do for me, I would just have to live with it. I, myself am looking into microdermabrasion, or something! I am embarrassed to even wear short sleeves, and in the summer, it's a miserable thing. And always feel people are looking at my 'scars' if I do wear a short sleeve shirt.  Horrified, EMF
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must rinse body parts really well with cool water. Don't use hot, which will open skin pores, hair follicles, etc. Also need to shake out, vacuum, and clean all clothing. Must manage these glass dusts really carefully. Wear a breathing mask. Goggle like eye protection. Rinse eyes really really well for a long time. Don't rub or abrade the skin when you're cleaning.
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yes this past week we tore out a small bathroom.and in the ceiling was some very old insulation,i had some fall and hit me in the face ,i never thought i would have ANY THING TO WORRY ABOUGHT but i woke up monday morining and had small blisters around my mouth and i thought that it was just from a bad sinus infection went on to work worked all day and it just seemed to get worse,,then tuesday i woke up and my throat and face was swollen very bad and the sores around and in my mouth was so bad i couldnt even go to work,,i went to the doctor and he gave me antibotics and cream and said should clear up in few days,,now this is friday and i am alot better but my face is still a little swollen and the sores around my mouth are better but looks horrible how long does it take for this rreaction on my face to heel up im afraid im gonna have bad scars from this can anyone help me out?
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I have same problem I am allergic to most stuff like that . it causes a hives type reation  goto walgreens get a lotion ih has calamyne and benedril it calleg calydrill it will dryit out and the benedrill will stop the itching
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goto walgreens get calydrill its calymine lotion for rash and benidril for itch .its a hive reaction which i get often ude whenever and as much as needed
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Is there something else besides milk for iratation to the throat from insulation?
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Familiarity breeds contempt!  Lack of thought before working in an area with fibre-glass insulation can cause a great deal of discomfort for months to come as I can testify. Trial and error with various anti-histamines and steroid creams (which can in fact often aggrevate things if used for a prolonged period) gave little relief until I decided to try a different approach.  I have been using DermaSpray followed by Botanics Ultra Calm and finishing with Simply Sensitive Anti-redness Serum (with aloe vera).  The last two are Boots (UK)products by the way.  Cleaning the skin with an antiseptic type wash before applying makes sure that any fibres which are shed from the skin are removed. These creams can be used freely as they have no steroids or antibiotics in them.  I also take a one-a-day antihistamine like Benadryl just to dampen down the reaction although I understand it is not in fact an allergic reacton.
I hope my experience can be of help to fellow sufferers although there are no guarantees as everyone may respond differently.  If in doubt don't neglect it.  Ask your doctor to refer you to a dermatologist if they can offer you no effective treatment.
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When my cousin put in insulation in their unfinished basement, they all ended up getting bad rashes on their hands where they touched the insulation. I'm glad I could give them a little advice on how to treat it. It was certainly not a pretty sight.
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I'm dealing with it on my face its itching like craaaazzzzy
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Only good advice I have gotten from a co worker is to put Vaseline on your face and skin that are exposed areas once you get home wipe off the Vaseline and rinse with cold water. I would still like to hear back from somebody on how to clear my face rash it doesn't itch but it does make my face feel on fire and my face red. Any body with a remedy let me know
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I work hvac and with insulation every day. There really is no way to prevent fiber glass "infection" but if you do wash with really cold water,scrub everywhere with a gritty soap like lava soap or use something like the gritty  wet towels you can buy at hardware store the you should be able to scub it out of the skin if you have tuff skin that is.
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