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Rashes on Stomach & Back of a Toddler

My 2yr. old son starting showing signs of, what I recognized, an allergic skin rash.  It isn't as severe as hives, or raised in sections (but that was the first thing that came to mind).  I tried to remember if he had a new food lately, but couldn't think of anything (and I've been conservative on what he eats since the rash appeared).  The rash, when I first noticed it, was about 3 days ago, & was on the inside of his arms, chest, stomach, & back.  I gave him a dose of Benedryl reguarly, over the next 24 hours, which seemed to help it to go away on the arms & the make the red color disappear, but it is still on his back & stomach.  It's hard to even see he has a rash, unless you look very close or touch his skin.  The touch of the skin is very pimply (consistant coverage on the back & stomach)  - that's the best way I can describe it.  Almost like when you have goosebumps, that same texture, but very little color.  The only other symptom are a cough/light runny nose (but he has had those prior to the rash appearing).  The color of the mucus is clear to opaq;  NO fever, raised skin, blistering, etc.  He was bitten by a few ants the middle of last week but the rash didn't appear for 24/48 hrs, and he has been bit by ants in the past without this reaction.  Also, he is acting completely normal, so I know his stomach isn't upset, or that he really feels bad, and that they aren't itching (since he doesn't mess with or even notice)  Do you have any idea what could be causing this, how long it will presist (approx. of course!) & treatment for this sort of situation.  
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I wouldn't play around and I'd take him to the doctor. Toddlers are too hard to diagnose!  It could be as simple as a new allergy but, I'd check with a physician.  
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yep, what deeds said. I'd use a topical ointment like cortaid until seeing a dr. It may help get rid of the rash, but you should let the dr know. tmv
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My 2 y.o son seems to be having the exact same symptoms. Can you tell me what the outcome was and how long it lasted?
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I am off to the doc. today for the same reason...my boy is acting normal but the rash has been coming and going for about a week.
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This does seem to be an allergic rash.You can continue him on the Benadryl syrup for about 3-5 days or till symptoms subside.
This should take about a week.
It could be a re-action to the ant bite or sofood related or you may noy be able to isolate the cause.
Keep his bed linen clean and dust free.
He should be okay in a week.
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My daughter is 2.5 and has had hives for 3 weeks now!  I have been wracking my brain trying to think of anything new she's experienced recently and I can't come up with anything.  No new foods, soaps, detergents, etc.  I took her to the Dr when they first showed up (I didn't know what the rash was and it was all over her legs and butt) and he said to give her Benadryl.  Well, it made her so sleepy, we only gave it to her at naptime and bedtime.  A week later, she still had them, so I called the Dr and was told to giver her Claritin twice a day.  She responded really well and had no hives for a day or two, but then started showing hives again even with the constant dosage.  We're now at week 3 and I have an appt with her Dr on Wed.  I don't know what else to do.  Thankfully they don't seem to bother her!  The hives come and go over the hours on her arms, legs, butt and face.  I've been calling her my pink dalmation.  :(  I think I'm going to ask for an allergy scratch test.  She hasn't been sick (I've read sometimes hives can be caused by a virus) and is otherwise acting normally.  If anyone can give any advice, I'd love to hear it!
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My daughter is 21 months, and has had a rash on her stomach, chest, and right side stretching to part her back.  The rash isn't a covering rash.  It's more like patches of rash in all of those areas.  It is almost unseen by the naked eye.  You have to actually run your hand over the area and look under a light to see the difference.  She was sick about a week ago with a slight ear infection, runny nose, vomiting, fever of 102 or more, and inflamed eyes.  I took her to the doctors, and they prescribed antibiotics.  After she started getting better is when the rash showed, I think, that's at least when I noticed it.  The rash doesn't really seem to be bothering here.  She hasn't been bit by any bugs, I have changed anything about her diet or any cleaning solutions.  I haven't taken her to the docs for the rash, mostly because it hasn't spread since I noticed it, and it doesn't seem to upset her at all.  I've been just putting lotions on it, aveeno baby lotion.  It really doesn't seem to be changing anything, but it also isn't making it worse.  I hope your child is doing better!
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I take it this is something going around and only with 2 year olds. My daughter also has those exact same bumps, the went away for a while but they have recently come back out and I am trying to figure out what it could be. At first I thought it was probably the detergent, so I bought her the one we always buy and that didn't seem to work. I even stopped using her body wash and cream and that didn't work. I am going to have to schedule an appt on Monday because I am going crazy here trying to figure out what can possibly be causing this rash!
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My 19 month old has had a rash on his back for weeks now. It really itches him, so we sit around scratching his back for him all the time. Sometimes it doesn't seem to bother him too badly, but the redder it is, the more it itches. I guess I'll call his doctor, too
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My 2 year also has the pimply bumps on chest and back. Normal activity. She did start with a rash that seemed to be isolated to back of hand near pinky region. I remember getting a similar rash as an adult when TIDE changed ingredients in their laundry detergent. We decided to change laundry detergent to sensitive skin and do away with any fabric softeners. Next we are going to start systematically eliminate common food in her diet to see if that makes any difference. Then reintroduce slowly. I am hoping this small rash is going to give her some great immunity toward something more troublesome...who knows milk maids who got cow pox never got small pox. Our family history is pretty healthy on both sides and seeing others with similar mild symptoms and prescriptions being just basic and mild gives me hope...THAT we have not ruined that child
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My daughter is 2. she has the same rash that is on her body and comes and goes. After 2 months and 9 doctors we finally got to the bottom of it.
She has an allergy to either dust, pets, pollen or mould. The rash is the start to all the problems. Her nose then swelled and got blocked causing the mucus to run backwards. This then caused choking leading to loss of breath. A pead told me she had a viral infection and sent me home. I sought a second opinion and demanded tests - to my horror she had an infection in her airway, swollen tonsils, a bent nose, 6x swollen adenoids and then got interitas. I have been giving her promethazine hydrochloride at night and flomist nasal spray twice a day. It helps but does not take away the symptoms. oh well back to the specialist I will go shortly.
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I know this is a old post, but my child is going through the exact same thing, can you tell me what this rash is from.
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