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Really bad and constant allergies

Hi i've been having allergies for a really really long time now and there making my life hell, i get runny nose(which will last for ages) sneezing, tingling in my nose (start of the sneeze) and stingy eyes, these happen anywhere i go, sometimes when i go for a shower and rub my eyes when water gets in them they start up, ive tried over the counter tablets hayfever stuff now im on fexofenadine 120mg tablets, can anyone help please??
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Have you tried sinus rinses?  They are amazing as far as I am concerned.   The single most effective treatment for me.  Wash the druc out before you can react to it.  

I have also started washing my eyes with contact saline.  That helps relieve a lot of the stinging, sticky, dryness that I exprience.

It sounds like you need to see an allergist for testing and possible shots.  They are very effective for most people.  

There are a lot of allergen exposure measures that you can take that will make life much more liveable as well.

Praying that you get some asnwers.
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Hi, welcome to the forum, your symptoms are suggestive of allergic conjunctivitis with allergic rhinitis .This happens as soon one is exposed to allergen.

You need to get evaluated clinically as well as certain tests will be help to determine the cause, they are
- Conjunctival scrapings - may be evaluated for the presence of eosinophils.
- Tear film levels of IgE
- Mast cell activity can be measured by immunoassay testing of tears

Usual management consists of  
- Basic eye care - you should not rub your eyes, use protective goggles.
- Treatment of dry eyes- use of artificial tears throughout the day will dilute the allergen.
- Allergen avoidance- You need to find out any other allergens and you need to avoid further exposure.
-Keep a diary of all the things you are exposed to rule out the allergens.
- You can take a course of second generation anti histamines against prescription.        
-  Allergy evaluation - You need to consult allergy specialist for evaluation of the allergen by skin testing. A history of concomitant rhinitis, asthma, or systemic allergic will be useful to know the allergen.

I suggest you to consult allergy specialist.Take care and regards.
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