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Red Acne on Male Chest

Acne Red in Color around center of my chest since over a month. Over a month ago I did smoke one or two every day for 9-10 days. I am now 41 years athletic figure. Did Gym complete sets for six months then had left by mid february and went on 2 weeks vacation to India. I do not eat chocolates or cola very much. I drink coffee 2 times a day with milk and sugar. I wear fitting T Shirts mostly those are just fitting ones but not very tight. T Shirts are washed after 2-3 time using. I do not walk much and drive car mostly. After leaving Gym no walking or jog. Weather warms here and almost summer here so I use Fans and A/c. I got 4 Adult Kittens whom I give shower every two weeks and maintain job cards for complete maintenance. Recently I had been diagonised with Allergy to dust or smokes by doctor who said to stay away from it then all cleaning and maintenance job of Kittens such as feeding, Watering, Sand Cleaning 2-3 times a day, fortnight trimming nails and combing them. Then I wash my sleeping clothes of cotton after 2 uses everytime. I eat spicy food 1-2 times a week. I drink sufficient water everyday with bottles always around me. I start my day with glass full Fruit Shake then coffee then later Corn Flakes with dried up fruit chunks in milk afterwards fruit shake coffee and dinner. I do not eat eggs very much. I eat raw plums pears green and black grapes tomatoes and oranges once in 2-3 days. I take shower everyday and during summer 2 times. What do you think why I get acne 4-5 with smaller ones spread on chest and few on back?
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