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Repetitive anaphylactic reactions to tree nuts

have been told that after a severe anaphylactic reaction to an allergen, subsequent contacts or ingestations of the same family of allergens will cause the patient to be more sensative and suseptible to a more severe anaphylactic reaction.
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It is true that every reaction you get will probably be worse than the one before. If you continue to have exposure to the allergen, you can die from anaphylaxis, so take your Dr. very seriously.
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i need to read where a credible study came to the conclusion that anaphylactic events will meke future suseptability and severity that much more pronounced.

I appreciate the comments but I need more structured and learned responses.
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Whoever you have been talking to about anaphylactic shock is telling you the truth.  I wonder why you don't believe them?  Do you just not want to give up tree nuts? If the nut allergy is yours, know that if you continue eating them, one of these days it will kill you. Not a pleasant way to go. If you need to "read" a response, I must wonder why you came to this site? There are some medical pros out here, but for the most part it is people who have "gone through it" themselves and are willing to share experiences.   You can check out medical sites such as MedMD, WebMD or you can go to Dr Dean Edell's site.  Most of the medical sites are not open to the general public, but require a degree and a fee to be admitted.  You can go to the local hospital medical library and look up the information in books and periodicals.  Call first to make sure that non-medical people are being admitted. You may need a note from your doctor to be able to use the library. Take a medical dictionary as these things are not generally written for non-professionals. You research shouldn't be difficult, as most allergy journals talk about this type of danger when connected to nut allergies.  good luck
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suit yourself.
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My daughter law has anaphalytic shock reaction and yes I agree with what both Myproblem and Starqueen is saying . You should stay well away from things that bring this response. Nuts are not such a big deal are they? My daughter law has this response to latex and a few other things so shes lucky with the identified ones but new ones have posed real problems for her.  She never goes anywhere without  epipens .
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If you are allergic to nuts, then stay away from them. Why risk your life for a nut?
If you don't like the responses you get, do your OWN research like others suggested. You should ALWAYS do your own research and NEVER depend on ANY answers you get on the internet when it comes to your health. Listen to your doctor, that is what you pay him for, his expertise.
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I dont think he has the allergies, i think he's probably a student trying to get someone else to do his homework for him.
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