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Scarlet Fever


I have been recently diagnosed with Scarlet Fever. I have been prescribed penicillin for 10 days.

I am worried as to how I contracted Scarlet Fever. I recently have started a relationship and am worried that I may have caught this from him.

Once you have had Scarlet Fever is it possible to be reinfected? Should I ask my partner to get tested and would there be anymore issues such as STDs that could be transmitted from a person with Scarlet Fever. I always use protection so am presuming there shouldnt be an issue.

I have been taking the penicillin for 5 days now and am wondering whether to return to work however I am still feeling tired, I also have some pain in the joints in my toes and am wondering if this is normal.

Incidently could my partner be a carrier - not sure how I approach that one. If I complete the antibiotic course I am hoping that I am cured from the strain that infected me therefore can I not be reinfected.

Thanks for your help.

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Thanks for putting my mind at rest, was thinking I would clear the antibiotics and get infected again, dont want to go through this again, feel like i have been hit by a train.

Guess it was just unlucky it could be that it wasnt him at all.

Thanks very much.
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Scarlet fever is nothing more than a form of strep throat that causes a high fever and a rash.  Is is not related to STD's in any form.  Once you have had it, the chances of reoccuring is suppose to be slim however my son had it 3 times.  They finally removed his tonsills and adenoids and he has not had it since.  Also my son was fatigued and had achiness for a while following antibotics but this does go away.  You have nothing to worry about and the only reason your partner would need to be checked for it is if they have symptoms.  Hope you get to feeling better.
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