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Should I give my guinea pigs away?

Hello there.
Long story short, I've had 2 rabbits for 10 years. One of them passed away earlier in 2018, the other one is still alive. During those 10 years, I haven't had any troubles with allergies because of the rabbits. I just have my usual summer allergies to pollen, and that's all. Last year, on February, I got a guinea pig. And earlier in 2018, I got a second one. Since the end of 2017 up to now, I have been experiencing persistent cough (that may be attributed to some lung related issue. It gets better with the use of inhalers.), constant runny or stuffed nose, I've gotten pink eye once, and I often find it hard to breathe. Could this be caused by the guinea pigs? I would assume that since spending 10 years with rabbits without issues, I would be fine with guinea pigs, too. The rabbits have always lived in my bedroom, cages are regularly cleaned, at least twice if not thrice a week. I use kitty litter for them. Same as with the guinea pigs. The cages are washed and cleaned regularly. So, I'm wondering; is what I'm experiencing a flat out allergic reaction to the guinea pigs? Is it considered mild, or could I possibly suffer an anaphylactic attack? Keep in mind that I've had one pig for over a year now, and the other for nearly half a year. Could the mild allergic reaction I have to them get worse even after this long term exposure?
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