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Sinus, turbinate issues or something else?

Hello everyone, I am in great need of help/ direction due to the symptoms I am having as of the last month. In July 2018 I was diagnosed at the ER with anxiety due to a panic attack I had. I had existing obstructed breathing issues prior due to enlarged turbinates and a supposed deviated septum, in which I had a surgery done 4 years back. Fast forward now I have had a multitude of symptoms due to the anxiety but now im thinking my obstructed breathing is possibly due to a nasal problem and not so much having to do with anxiety. Even when calm and not anxious, I feel as if one of my nostrils are constantly plugged,sinus pressure and hard to breath especially when speaking or picking up things, labored work ect.I will also feel at times as if I am breathing too hard through one nostril giving me a sharp pinching sensation in the crown of my head/ back sides of skull/brain.What could this be? ER did a ct and stated everything looked ok but I feel as if an ent doctor would know best if there could be complications from the past surgery.
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