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Sinus Conditions / Allergies / Sweaty or Fatigued Feeling??

Please read the entire thing if you don't mind.....the big question I have is later on.

For the past three plus years I have had recurring issues with the following symptoms-

Sinus Infections (with accompanying cough/sore throat symptoms) - Usually once a month, but a few severe ones each year

Sinus pressure (forehead, cheekbones) - Almost Daily
Sinus headaches - Almost Daily
Sneezing - Almost daily, but nothing intense
Post Nasal Drip - Usually with sinus infections
Occasional Dizziness - Almost daily, usually later in the day. Occasionally feel very dizzy when I sit up very quickly.
Swollen Glands - Usually a couple times a week
Clogged feeling in right ear - This is more recent, and it's something I feel on and off. (I went to a doctor who checked my ear out, and claimed it was perfectly fine)

I don't know if they're related, but I also have had issues with my teeth (such as sore gums) and I also have bad athlete's foot. Just figure they're worth mentioning.

I've gone to several ENTs and allergists and they've all insisted that it is allergies. (Dust / mold) To make sure I have had 3 different CT scans, I have also had my blood checked several times, and I even went to a stomach doctor as one ENT suggested it could be due to a type of acid reflux. (I seem to have a "silent" reflux as it's termed)

I began receiving allergy shots last June. I have noticed less sinus infections so it may be helping in that sense. But the one thing that I have not been able to shake is this very strange feeling I have on average one day a week. I can tell as soon as I wake up if I'm going to feel this way all day. (I'll wake up with a slight headache or a weird feeling in my sinuses) For the rest of the day I'll have a fatigued feeling, and I will be very sweaty. (My armpits, my head, my hands) It's a similar feeling to when you have a fever, where your body is trying to fight something. It literally only lasts a day. I'll feel much better the next day. I assume it's all related to my other issues, but when I talk to the doctors and other people about it, nobody seems to have any real understanding, or they just write it off as part of the whole issue. My question is, does anybody else experience this symptom??? And is it definitely part of the overall "allergy" problems?

The only other patterns I can note are that I usually feel this during the week (which may make sense since I work in an office, and am indoors alot more. I sometimes feel it the day after an allergy shot. And if there's a quick change in weather I may feel it as well. Or on cool damp days. (I could probably go on with this) Also please note that I am a 27 year old male, and am otherwise fairly healthy.

Please let me know if that last part sounds familar to anyone. Thanks!!!!
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I have the same symptoms... most of my life...so it's either allergy related or some rare disease that they haven't figured out yet.

The sweating can be caused by allergies, anxiety, thyroid problems,diabetes, etc...have you been tested for anything other than allergies?
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I have not been tested for anything besides allergies. Thank you for your response.
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I would also recommend you check out environmental  toxins as many have had similar symptoms
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Hello and hope you are doing well.

Understand your predicament. Sinus secretions accumulate more when a person lies down.    
Sinus infection causes blockage of flow especially when a person lies down. The blockade is affected by the side to which the person turns also. This could cause a feeling of heaviness in the head on awakening, hence the feeling of unwellness. Sinusitis can be prevented by avoiding the precipitating allergens. Also practice good breathing exercises, humidify your room and do steam inhalations.

Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
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Yes, I have all those symptoms. My allergies give me those weird symptoms and more. Allegra, Singulair, Astelin, Veramyst, and staying inside with Air on helps me. Good luck.
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I have been was diagnosed  with a sinus infection but my symptom am worried is can it cause me to get clammy feet and hands all of a sudden it only come on sudden then go in a few minutes  am just worried never had it
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These symptoms you speak of are what I experience when exposed to people wearing calognes or perfumes. Deodorant can also trigger this. Do you use aftershave? Calogne? Any perfume in the house? Im sure someone in your office uses perfumes. Wishing you the best!
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