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Sinus Issues - Mild Nose Bleeds and Coughing Up Blood

Hi. I'm a 54 yr old female. I often get mild nose bleeds and post nasal drip. I was just wondering how common it is to possibly swallow a small amount of blood from nose. The other morning i coughed and saw a piece of bloody mucus. It was a small amount and my nose was bleeding mildly also. I feel like this has happened to me in the past but now that I'm getting older I'm worrying more about stuff. My daughter said that has happened to her a few times too. Anyone relate? Would appreciate any feedback. Thanks.
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Are you coughing a lot?

It depends on what it looked like on how serious it is.

If it was bright red, or frothy and blood streaked, that's probably from a chest infection, and not that alarming, though you should see your doctor.

If it's dark red, or looks like coffee grounds, that's from the digestive tract, and could be very serious, and needs to be checked out right away - that warrants a trip to the hospital/emergency dept if it happens again, or at least an emergency call to your doctor.

It isn't from swallowing post-nasal drip, though.

Since your nose was bleeding, and you are coughing up stuff, I'd wonder if you have a sinus infection, or perhaps bronchitis. Of course, it's important to rule out COVID19. Give your doctor a call. Any time you cough up blood, it's worth at least a call to your doctor.


Let us know what happens, and feel better soon!

How do you know it isnt frim swallowing from nose,?. My nose was blerding MILDLY. that has happened before. No im not coughing hardly at all. I am at home. Not around anyone. And i think its just allergys. I havent seen anymore blood in nose and im not even sure i coughed it up or just brought it up. It was a small amount the same color as the blood in nose. Red.
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