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Skin Allergy

I have a very chronic skin allergy problem. Doctors suggest me to find the cause of allergy but it's quite difficult. My skin become red and itchy. Mostly on bed time. It makes me sleeplessness and causes headache and other problems. Is there any solution for this problem?
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An allergist should be able to determine the cause.
The only way to do this yourself is to keep a diary.
Buy an unscented detergent to start. I would not suggest Tide, as many people seem to react to it.
Try something natural.  Use this on all your bedding and clothes for a week. If it stops the itching, you have found your cause. If it continues, try another detergent.
Keep at this until you find one that works.
Of course, it's not 100% that it's an allergy to detergents/perfumes/soap/shampoo etc. It could be the food you eat.
So you could try eating nothing but rice for 3 days. Add another food at that point. Eat only those 2 items for 3 days, then add another , and so on. Food allergies can be instant or take up to 72 hours to kick in...hence the adding something new every 3 days.
In other words? You'll either need to see an allergist or spend the rest of your life ( possibly ) trying to figure it out.
Sorry I can't be of much further help.
The Alternative  therapies forum might be able to help you more.
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