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Went to an allergist, no allergy. Why do I sneeze everyday, and have been for years?
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Most allergy tests look for the "usual" suspects: ragweed, mold, animal dander, mites, tree pollen, etc. I had a skin test at 11 years old against 35 common allergens and reacted to none of them. So I was told I have no allergies and therefore non-allergenic rhinitis. However, I'm very allergic to fragrance and lavender and have been since I was a baby. I've also since become allergic to jasmine, lilies, lilacs, juniper bushes, ceder, cats, dust, mold, hay, and fresh grass. Only a handful of those allergies are on the usual allergy tests. I actually discovered the causes through trial and error instead of an allergist. (Doesn't take a genius to figure out what a migraine, sneezing attack, hives, eczema, and asthma attack whenever I'm around lavender or lavender products means.)

Anyway if you're allergic reactions are severe (headaches/migraines, nausea, skin rashes) I suggest asking for a more extensive allergy test. There are some strange allergies out there that aren't on any normal test- I have a friend who is allergic to alcohol, if he gets it on his skin he gets blisters; if he smells it he gets dizzy and can pass out. So it's possible you still have an allergy to something even if you had a negative reaction during the test.

Additionally abnormalities in the nasal tissues can cause problems. While I've never heard of anything causing sneezing, it could be something to rule out and you may want to ask your doctor about it.
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You may want to consider going to a Holistic Allergy practitioner or Dr. trained in "Allergy Antidotes"or NAET. 1000s of practitioners around the world in these.
There are 5 different categories of allergies and sensitivities and they deal with all them including "undetectable" ones, using Energy Medicine protocols. Non-invasive and no meds.
Most efficient and result oriented method for allergy elimination.
Just do a search for your area.
My advice does not constitute professional  consultation.
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Hey, as a mother of a 12 yr old boy who is highely allergic to lavender and lavender products i can understand the frustrations you would have experianced as i watch my son suffer. The school is good they have minimized lavender as much as possible and family and friends are mostly aware and helpful in ensuring to not have it in their homes.however it is unavoidable sometimes. Toilet paper ,  washing powders, headlice solutions, cleaning products etc just to name a couple have lavender in them. My son sits behind a child who has it in their hair he comes home with sinus problems hay fever symptoms and coughing, he touches it and breaks out in welts itching and skin conditions. Recently he has become anaphelatic, the older he gets the worse it gets
im interested in the new allergies you developed overtime. Is this something i need to be mindful of?
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I am glad to know that I am not the only one anaphylactic to lavender (although it is awful!).  My allergy has recently increased significantly due to an overexposure and I am finding it difficult and frustrating to avoid, with major reactions happening from clothing stored with lavender, proximity to lavender plants and other people using hand wash.  I just wanted you to know I feel your pain and it makes me feel a little less alone to know that someone else suffers with this.  Good luck!
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