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Someone please explain....Allergy induced Asthma

My son is three years old and has been diagnosed with allergy induced asthma.  So, why does he have an asthma attack in December when it is freezing cold out?.....there isn't any pollen or mold in the air, there is snow on the ground (Missouri)  I don't understand the allergy induced asthma, will someone please explain it to me?
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He is probably allergic to something in the house (housedust, pet dander) or the smoke from fireplaces.

If I were in your shoes, I would buy an air filter for his room. I believe Sharper Image has good filters that are approved by the prestigious British Allergy Foundation.
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Thank you for your response...

Will a cool mist humidifier help? or just get the carpets wet?  Do you think I should keep him on the Singulair?  I hate the idea of giving a 3 year old medication every day!
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I have asthma and a humidifier aggravates mine.  Maybe thats me.
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I don't believe a cool mist humidifier would help, just a good air filter that cleans the air and removes the bad stuff.

The Singulair is important but that doesn't mean you can experiment with other things that may help him. One thing that surprisingly worked for me was homeopathy. I remember once my pregnant co-worker had congestion/sinus infection and couldn't take medications. I had some homeopathic pills for congestion, so she called her physician to see if she could take those and she was shocked. They worked so well, they cleared up her sinus infection ! If you find the right remedy, they really do work ! The homeopathic pills would be best for your son because the liquid remedies contain a little bit of alcohol (preserver). If you try them, they have dissolvable pills that melt under the tongue and you can't eat or drink 15 minutes after taking them. It is just a suggestion... I know if I were in your shoes, I would buy the air filter, have him continue to take the Singular but also try homeopathy remedies for allergies because I know they sometimes even get rid of allergy problems.

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I couldn't tell from your post if the attacks are happening outside or inside this time of year. If your son is having the asthma attacks outside in the cold air, he may also have cold or exercise induced asthma (or a combination of both). If that's the case, try making sure he has a scarf or face mask (or any loose knit cloth) over his mouth and nose so that he isn't breathing the super cold air in directly and see if that doesn't help.
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The day that the last attack started, it was around 40degrees outside.  Unfortunately, that was considered to be warm after our 10degree spell for several days and a snow storm.  Consequently, we spent a lot more time outside in the cold air since 40 seemed warm compared to the cold weather we had recently.  The cough began after only a few hours of playing outside, picking out the Christmas tree.  He was fine before this.  I never heard of cold air/exercise asthma, but I don't have much knowledge concerning asthma to begin with....
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cold air aggravates my asthma and when i exercise outside i always wear a balaclava or a scarf that covers my nose and my mouth.
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Thank you everyone for your input...
Hopefully, I can start preventing this from happening to him.  When he had one last weekend, it took 6 breathing treatments of Albuterol to finally get rid of it...that was 24 hours later.  He does seem to be very calm about it, he just complains that he doesn't like to cough that much.  Poor guy...is this hereditary?
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my mom had asthma...i have it and so does my 16 yr daughter... not sure about text book stats though..
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hi allergy induced asthma includes a special case which is 'aspirin induced asthma'. aspirin in a chemical originally derived from a tree bark. it's known as "salicylate". I have salicylate intollerance - i get breathing troubles from some fruit and veg that are high in salicylate. salycylate can make asthma worse on some people. aspirin tablets for heart protection have warnings that asthma may be made worse. i seem to remeber that about 15% of child hood asthma is related to salicylate. I also find that dairy gives me the same thing.

i would try avoiding dairy for a couple of weeks for a start.
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My 6 year old is suffering SEVERELY right now. 3 trips to the ER and 4 Doctor visits in the last month. Coughing to the point of passing out. Can you say OMG 911!?!?!?! Well, we are in South Texas, so it shouldn't be an issue. Right? NO! Long story short. MOLD! In the winter, when buildings are heated, mold often grows in cold, uninsulated exterior windows and walls, including uninsulated closets along exterior walls where building surfaces are generally cold relative to the indoor air temperature.
DON'T FORGET that SNOW, as it melts, will harbor MOLD SPORES, so yeah, Mold IS in the air. My son is responding to the opposite of what he should. When he starts having an attack, we carry him outside to the COLD air (covered up) for a few minutes. After a few minutes outside in the cold night air, he's better. Dunno why he's against the grain.

Keep him on Singulair. It can take up to 30 days to take effect.

CHANGE THE NEB MEDS: Ask your Doctor to add a med instead of straight Albuterol. ASK FOR ALBUTEROL AND PULMICORT MIX
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I can tell you exactly why when your son is outside he feels better, its because outside the mold spore are no longer present, and if they are they are dead and therefore harmless. Mold normally grows in areas where there is moisture and the temperature is normal, thus you'll find mold on the inside of uninsulated rooms as opposed to the outside. What you'll want to do is you'll want to insulate these rooms when possible so that this condensation is no longer present. Until then I would suggest not being around these areas as much as can be helped.

Furthermore, I would suggest getting a whole house air purifier. After studying the nature of air, I've found that air goes through as much of their environment as it can, in a self-recycling motion. So essentially a single-room purifier is doing the whole house anyway. I used to have problems with my air and I found that Polarized Media Filters work great for purifying air. The system is much more efficient than normal systems.

My colleague first told me about them back when I was having problems, she pointed me to these new kinds of filters so I decided to take a closer look and did a little research of my own. I came to find out, after self testing them, that they actually do work out wonderfully, and therefore I can readily suggest it to all of you.

The best place for price that I've found is at www.airlifeone.com. I'd look for Electrobreeze brand as it's cheaper than the other.

Now, when you have the moisture problem under control you should blast the area with ozone WHILE YOU ARE OUT OF THE HOME. It is not wise to expose yourself to any more ozone than is necessary. After this is done you can clean the area and if you have an air purifier like the one I described, your environment should be well above the average.

I hope that this has helped you all out.
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