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Splenda causes itch and rash!!

I didn't realize Splenda (or sucralose) as an ingrediant in foods - causes such high allergic responses in people!! If you cannot locate your ith or rash - checkout how much Splenda (sucralose) you consume!!
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My friend had some major stomach upsets and went through the whole gi and gallbladder work-up only to find out about three months later when she quit the splenda that her symptoms totally disappeared! Who would have thought it? Good luck with all of your allergies. Bless your heart, I have read many postings from you and you have really been through it. God bless. tmv
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Splenda is a chlorocarbon...it is really really bad for your body. Its clorinated carbon.. The day you start drinking chlorine with your sugar is the day you drink splenda!
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watch out for "sucralose" in any product...that's splenda...
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I have been through the 'wringer'!!!!!!! Funny thing - this is good for a laugh...
I got a HUGE promotion at work (like, the kind of thing that only happend in faity tales - BIG)  and since the day the 'powers the be' promoted me - I've been itch free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???
okay, I had to take a benedryl last night but, still - gotta laugh!
Maybe I was just  TOO stressed and felt undervalued!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
nahhhhhhhh!! hahaha!!

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Oh gosh, go figure??? That is funny, though. Maybe your body just was so relieved that it released a ton of antihistamines.LOL. Best of luck to you and I do enjoy reading your comments. You have a great sense of humor and best of luck with your new position! tmv
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I have tried everything for my hives from green tea, being zoned (reflexology in a sense), prednisone, clarinex or claritan, de stressing, getting rid of my down comforter and vacumming my bed, taking a weekend away, what is the deal?? nothing works...why am I being punished with this horrible problem with no treatments??!  I dont understand. !! Please if anyone knows of anything that helps besides the cold and oatmeal let me know. the last thing I want to take is cyclosporine and thats becoming my final option..and that causes kidney failure.
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I did my own test after becoming extremely itchy. I switched from a diet soda with aspartame to one with Splenda. This is when I noticed very itchy skin. I went off the Splenda beverage and the itching stopped. About a month later I began to drink the Splenda sweetened drink again and became itchy again a few days later. I am going to just give up on artificial sweeteners all together. I did find that ample amounts of baby powder helped with the itching in the meantime.  
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