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Still Sick Of Being Sick - Sinus/Allergy

Hi there

Ever here the familiar saying “ I could write a book” , well I could.

So to cut a very long story short yet again I will tell you where I am at. I have been in an out of so many specialists to the point were I am convinced that they think I have mental problems.

Yes I suffer from anxiety, but only when I feel sick, I am certain that my physical illness (Whatever it may be) is the cause of my anxieties rather than the other way about.

I basically haven’t been well now for 3+ Years, have visited Neurologists and Various other Dr’s and all have not  found a cause to my persistent sickness.

The ENT after a CT scan discovered I had deviated septum which I have had corrected. I can now breath much better through my nose although to be honest I do not feel much better, or dare I say worse. Immediately after the operation I had sores on my tongue and an abscess on my top tooth .

Worst of all I have had extremely bad heartburn/Indigestion since the operation and my wind pipe has been painful. At a guess I would say its ulcerated, as with my mouth if the skin is broken it normally means ulcer time. I have had gum infections and ulcer problems from an early age, I can remember my first dentist telling me I had possible allergy problems.

So anyway this last few days typically over Christmas I have been feeling really ill again, persistent head pressure along with classic Sinusitis symptoms, frontal headache, pain behind eyes, pain in upper teeth and cheeks, strangely not much in the way of congestion .

Today I have been put on another antibiotic to clear up my latest symptoms and sinus problems, they might work in the short term, but as with  various other antibiotics for mouth infections that I have took, the problem just seems to return.

The only thing I have never been tested for is allergies, it seems very late in the day to start looking into allergies, they are probably more obvious than some of the other things I have been tested for, but then I like to do things back to front, as do my Dr’s.

Is it possible that after all these years I could have allergy problems resulting in a weakened immune system? I am due for allergy tests in the next few weeks.

I know that I am allergic to penicillin, so my mum tells me from rushing me to the hospital as a child  . Allergic to animals, and dust. Something irritates my tongue on occasions.

Should also point out that I have moved into a newly built home about 6 months ago, we have been have mould and dampness problems, trying to dry the new place out has been difficult, again another reason why allergies might be a problem.

Anyway any other suggestions?


Persistent headaches and pressure
Occasional Random stabbing/Pinching headache
Headache on waking
Eye pain and pressure
Ear pain and pressure
General feeling of unwell
Clicking Jaw (Now wear mouth Guard)
Severe Indigestion
Occasional stomach pain (Dull)
Persistent Gum infections
Persistent Sinus pain pressure and infections

Tests done :

MRI (Normal) Although 2 years ago
CT Scan (Sinus) Deviated Septum, no infection, just inflammation
Blood tests, Various blood tests to rule out Thyroid problems etc
ECG, Normal
Blood Pressure, Always normal when tested at Dr’s

Any help or info would be great and thanks for reading J
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Here goes.
Common causes :

Sinusitis, Migraine, gastric malignancy, HIV infection, Crohn disease, Anorexia nervosa, Colorectal malignany, TB, Alcohol use disorders,tension headache, Pancreatic cancer, subdural hematoma, histoplasmosis, lead poisoning, meningitis, cystic fibrosis, somatization disorder, sarcoidisis.

Rare causes :
Cluster headache,wegener granulamotosis, lymphoma,behcet syndrome

happy diagnosing
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If you have muscle aches and unrefreshing sleep... consider asking your physician to rule out Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.
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Have you seen an immunologist who has challenged your immune system with a Pneumonia vaccine?  If not, I would consider that as a possible next step.  If you have an immune deficiency, there's probably a good chance that it would show.

You may want to consider taking a trip to see someone who is an expert in sinus issues.  Grossan, Josephson, and Tichenor come to mind.

Best of luck.

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