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Sudden Food Allergy

I was eating a sandwich using a new roll from Walmart when about 15 minutes after ingestion my lips, mouth, and tongue started to tingle and itch intensely. They my throat started to itch, both inside and outside. I'm fairly certain this is a food allergy, but they only ingredient I've seen that strikes me as unusual in these rolls is Fava Bean flour. I've done some research and the only thing I can find regarding this ingredient is that a severe allergy can affect those of Mediterranean decent or are african american. I'm neither. I'm as white as they come. I'm unsure if this is even the cause, but I'm unsure how to test this hypothesis or how to fix things or what other foods I need to watch out for. I do have asthma which this made worse. I took some benadryl and it helped a litte. I'm unsure what my next steps are.
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Hi Chelbell75.

Look into Dr. Coca's Pulse test-a free download.
If your allergic issues continue and you still can't figure out what is causing
them, consider a NAET (Dr.Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Techniques) trained doctor or practitioner.

For alleviating the symptoms of asthma look into the Buteyko Breathing
Techniques or visit the normal breathing (no spaces) website.

If you have an old fashioned bakery in your area, consider buying your bread and rolls form there for just a bit more money. You will find that they use mostly "normal' ingredients, compared to commercial brands.

Hope this helps.

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Ouch, I often buy Walmart bakery bread (guess much is in fact baked in the store by Walmart employes.  I have never had any reaction to it.

I wonder if your experience could somehow be made known to Walmart - albeit you are guessing.  Like peanuts to which some people have fatal allergy reactions to, maybe your suspect should be banned from use.  I am almost certain a baker would not put peanuts in a bread without some kind of a warning - just giving an example of which I have not hard data.

Reads like the previous reply has some good information and references.

Hope better experiences in 2014.
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Come to think of this, when I left home to go to University in Athens,
I was reminded to totally avoid fava beans because of a severe allergy,
where my throat would start closing up and I would start choking after the first bite!

Later, after getting trained in "Allergy Antidotes" a similar therapy to NAET,
an Energy Medicine modality, I managed to eliminate this allergy completely!

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