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Sudden adult onset of food allergies? Specifically, chocolate. . .

Is it possible to develop a food allergy in adulthood that you have never experienced before?  I'm 32 years old and have recently developed unexplained head pain; a CAT scan showed nothing abnormal.

I had a 24-hour respite from the head pain and then it returned.  The only thing I could associate with the change was eating chocolate and can recall an increase in my chocolate consumption over the past two weeks.

Can an adult develop a food allergy from out of nowhere?

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I am 39 and just found out I am allergic to a variety of things I was never allergic to before - and one of them is chocolate! I had all the 'testing' done by an allergist as well as had BioMeridian testing done which confirmed everthing (and more!) They do say that when your Immune system runs low you can become more allergic to items...As you may read on some threads here - mine started with a severe allergic reaction to Blood Pressure meds...now, foods and household cleaners...it's almost mind-boggling to me! I hope you start to feel better.  Everyone reacts differently when allergic to foods etc...I get an all over body itch! ((I think I'd prefer a headache!))
I've heard that sulfites are in wine and chocolate. That can cause headaches.
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Hi, I found out I had Melanoma skin cancer when I was 26 and shortly after found out that i am now VERY allergic to all dairy, tomatos, soy, and wine/grapes.  I am now 28 and I keep adding food to my allergy list.  I can not find an explanation to why this is happening to me.  It seams to be all of a sudden.  I have been tested for Crohn's disease, Addisons, and a huge amount of other disorders and illnesses.  My doctors guessed I had IBS and Fibromyalgia.  I have since tried a variety of medications for Fibro and am now off everything and I am having no pain, but me food allergies keep getting worse, no matter how many pills I take or acupunctures I get.  Does anyone know about studies done about sudden adult onset of allergies?  I have litterally lost 20 lbs in 6 months because I am having trouble finding things that don't make me sick!  At 104 lbs, I can't afford to lose any more! Please help!

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i have much in common with you -i'm 61 years old and have no real health isssues otherwise-i started acidolpylus(sp) and it reversed the weight loss for now--also take alpha lipoic acid (ala) and can't honestly say that it makes a difference-i have expiereinced burning mouth syndrome and depression which i believe is assosiated with chronic pain dr is puzzeled and i don't know what to do next

hope you get better
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I suggest you might google candida as it can cause a variety of symptoms (IBS, burning mouth, depression) and even create food allergies as your absorbtion of food is messed up by the fungal overgrowth; basically causes leaky gut.  Also might look into Celiacs Disease, which is basically an allergy to gluten.  This allergy alot of times doesn't develop or at least doesn't show symptoms until adulthood.  And it can create allergies or intollerances to other foods basically by leaky gut again.

Either of these could be a possibility, but just something for you to look into.
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i am currently undergoing allergy testing for sudden onset of allergy symptoms with every food but some veggies and nuts. i feel like i am going crazy and my dr. has threatened a feeding tube and suspects an eating disorder. i have lost 10 lbs already and am struggling to get through each day feeling hungry, weak and exhausted. i am afraid to eat food alone for fear the allergy attack will be severe. i am playing the waiting game right now hoping i am not hospitalized before the tests/answers come back. i, too, suspect candida could be the original cause, but my dr. is not exploring that possibility at all. i am very fearful of losing more weight, although at 132 i have a little more wiggle room than you. i am praying for a quick answer so that i can expand  my food choices beyond veggies...i am so hungry!
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Hey all, I am having the same issues. i got really sick back in Nov 2006 and I still feel sick. I learned recently that im allergic to almost everything now. Food allergies run in my family but i never had them prior to my illness. I am very allergic (IGE) to wheat and milk, and soy and now sunflower seeds also. I had a high IGG (delayed reaction) to several other foods as well. Im miserable, Its not the food...but i have been free of all of these foods for 1 month now and im still feeling very ill. Swelling in hands, and nausia and fatugie and fullness in my throat. I also get a burning sensation on my ribs occassionally...like the skin hurts to touch. Im not sure what happened but i just want to feel 28 years old and be like everyone else again.  I also found out that i have borderline osetoperosis through a Dexa scan. If anyone has any ideas I would appriciate your help. P.S. I am also now doing allergy shots for the environmental allergies 3 times a week.
Have you been tested for autoimmune rheumatic diseases.  Sounds to me like it could be SLE (Systemic Lupus Erythromatosis) or Scleroderma.  I have had Scleroderma for 25 years now and I have developed several food intolerances and allergies since then.  Try to get an immune scan done (blood tests) via your General Practitioner it may throw some light on what you are experiencing.  Good luck.  I wish you well.
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Hi!  When I was 25 I developed a severe allergy to soy and was hospitalized for the asthma that it gave me.  This came upon after I realized my chronic sinusitis was linked to cow's milk - so I switched all my dairy to soy products.  While I did research to completely re-define my diet, I started with a meal replacement shake that I found, that was entirely natural, soy-free, dairy-free, vegetarian and soo healthy.. (PureTrim: www.feelgreat.awarenesslife.com).  I figured why not lose some of the 60 extra pounds I was carrying in the meantime.  as I became more aware of my body and health, I realized that my digestion, pms, exzema and fatigue were also completely related to my diet.  I found out that I did have candida (mentioned above) and had to bite the bullet and finally become healthy.  My sweet tooth and habit of eating starches and enjoying moderate alchohol with my friends had to go.  Now, I find that a cookie here or there, or a drink every now and again are finally tolerable to my system.  I figured out what my limits are and am happy to have a healthy system.  I lost all 60lbs and am naturally inclined to use my body more during the day. I still have a PureTrim shake for breakfast a few times during the week because they refresh me so much and help moderate all the natural bacteria.  What I found out through all my research/health revolution, was that these allergies develop because there is usually a backlog of toxins in your gut that just make these substances eventually intolerable.  There are some products on the market for candida but I've found it really doesn't moderate until you change your diet anyway.  You can be stuck taking expensive powders or drugs forever and still have an outbreak of candida once you try to stop.  Hope something of all this helps some of you, thanks for your ear!!  ~b
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Can you eat turkey, lamb, chicken, fish, veggies, potatoes--my saving grace-- just microwave a potato (sweet or plain) whenever I'm at the point of starving: I too, suffer from myriad food allergies, amongst other things. I have devised ways to work around the allergies; but don't eat the same things every day, or you will develop intolerances to the few items you are still able to tolerate: A grated cucumber salad with garlic and oil and sea salt for dressing; sometimes I add grated red peppers; I used quinoa for a while--both as a cereal and as flour for muffins--which I made myself; if you post a new comment letting me know what you can eat (veggies, proteins, coconut milk, etc. and if there are any flours that you can tolerate, I may be able to put together a few quickie recipes for you: In the past 10 years I have lost nearly 30 lbs from adult onsset allergies. I nearly went nuts from hunger and near fainting spells and paranoia.
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My apologies: did not notice that you said all foods except for some veggies and nuts. That makes it a lot harder to work around. Your doctor should really try harder to find out if Candida is a factor. I went through the same sceanario almost as bad and some time later developed thrush which I keep at bay by not eating any sugars plus a whole lot of fruit and acids and alcohol: to this day my doctor still has not investigated the cause; he just keeps sending me to the same allergist, who does the same tests over and over, and tells me to just stay away from the foods that I am allergic to--which is almost everything. Good for me that I pray a lot or I'd be a total nutcase. I just keep trying everything from acidophilus to caprilic acid--the whole gamut. I'm still hoping it--this situation--will go away, the same way it  popped up out of nowhere.
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You can develop allergies at any point in life without having had a prior history.
In your case the head ache could be due to migraine triggered off by chocolate.
Phenylethylamine, theobromine and caffeine are chemical triggers present in chocolate. They may cause a headache by altering the cerebral blood flow.
Also it could be due to an allergic re-action to caffeine in the chocolate.
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Question: My adult daughter -- who has never had allergies has begun developing severe anaphylaxis type food allergies. Each week or so her list grows. I am wondering if a hormone change, caused by the birth of her daughter nine months ago, and breast feeding could trigger this. She had a scratch test done, but the doc said her skin was so sensitive that he wanted to do the blood test. She is allergic to: tomato, garlic, rosemary, beef, pork, shellfish, soy, peanuts, onion and probably a few things I am forgetting. Twice in the last six weeks she has ended up in the ER with some newly disovered food allergy. Any guidance?

Thanks for any help.
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There are so many women out there who have experienced illness after childbirth.

If you would like, I can send you some information on things that I have found to be helpful for me. (I have immune dysfunction and as a result... numerous allergies) Let me know and I can zip the info to your inbox ASAP.


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