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Sudden (overnight) onset of severe allergies to almost everything?

Literally overnight back in January my allergies changed. One day I was fine, the next day I woke up with a huge swollen face, and I couldn't breathe.

I got a skin allergy test, and I was positive to everything. Everything gives me an anaphylactic reaction it seems. I step outside, and the pollen causes my face to tingle, go numb, swell up, along with my throat closing up. Everyday my eyes are huge and puffy no matter what I do. Everyday I have severe sinus headaches.  I am currently taking 3 prescription strength allergy medications, but that's still not enough. I am also going to get allergy desensitizing shots twice a week.  I was given a short acting and a long acting cortisone shots to see if it would help calm things down, but even those only relieved things slightly.

I am worried about the fact it seems like I'm developing more allergies, and the ones I already have developed are getting worse. I seems as though I might be developing food allergies now.  After I eat something (haven't figured out the triggers) I get itchy all over, particularly my palms and head.  I don't develop hives, but I'm not sure if that's because of all the meds I'm on.  Lately I get slight nausea a lot, and often just don't have much of an appetite for anything.  I've had to flip my life upside down, and now I fear doing most things because it could be the one thing that pushes my body over the edge.

I want to know if anyone has heard of what could cause this. Is it normal for my immune system to go into overdrive overnight? It doesn't seem right, and it worries me that my doctor doesn't question it more.  I'm healthy, I exercise, I eat well, I take vitamins. I've lost 30 pounds recently in an effort to be healthier.  What could possibly cause this?

The only other note worthy thing is 2 months before this I had a ruptured ovarian cyst, and a month after that I had another. I had never had one in my life, it could be unrelated or relevant, I have no idea. Please help! Any suggestions?!?!? I want my life back!
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My wife suffers from something very similar. She is allergic to many, many different things (foods, medication, asprine, polen, grass, mold, etc) It started with hives, itching and sneezing, nausea, and sometimes diarrhea. As time went on, things got worse. She started developing swollen lips and tongue. After going to the Emergency room numerous time and and being told it's just Angioedema, she was about to give up. One day she woke up speaking very hoarse, andcouldn't breath very well. She was rushed to the ER. She literally morphed in front of my face. Her lips, neck, eyes, face, tongue, swelled. The Doctors could not figure out what was going on. She was given in an IV benadryl,prednisone and many other thing. They finally gave her (Fresh frozen Plazma) but nothing worked. She was admitted and many test were run. It was finally derermined that she has Hereditary Angioedema. It can happen at anytime with no cause. The Doctor did tell her that things she is allergic to can be a trigger to the Hereditary Angioedema therefore she has to be extremely careful what she eats and the medications she takes. There is a medication for Hereditary Angioedema (Danazol), but it is said that the side affects are pretty bad. Some are: abnormal hair growth; arm or leg,emotional problems; excessively oily skin; flushing; hair loss; nervousness; reduction in breast size; sweating; vaginal itching or dryness; voice changes (hoarseness, sore throat, change in pitch); weight gain.

Hope this helps
My 14 year old daughter just developed this. Suddenly overnight she iS showing allergies to everything and she is blowing up weight wise. It started right before her first period, which seems to fit in the area of menopause and ovarian cysts. If anyone has answers please help.
I left a comment at the bottom of this but check this out. I was watching a video about spray foam insulation gone bad and a family had a son that developed allergic reactions to everything. To the point he couldn't swim in a chlorinated pool because of allergic reaction. I had a similar thing happen to me. Just read my post near the bottom. But also check this out. It could totally be an air quality problem. Who knows. Anyway here is a link to check out. https://www.multiplechemicalsensitivity.org/multiple-chemical-sensitivity-3.php
Nplunkit. Have your daughter tested for Cushings, or cylclinical cushings desease..
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Sounds like my son he had rheumatic fever tonsillar abcess causes allergic reaction to everything and your airway to swell,heart palpatationsand all the other things u named as symptoms.Have a ultrasound or ct on neck.
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Oh, my God!  Your letter has me in tears.  I'm dealing with the exact same thing. I have had all the autoimmune tests and seen several allergist, rheumatologists, MDs and have no answers. This happened suddenly in July.  One clue I think may have triggered this is I am now in menopause and my doctor prescribed a hormone replacement pill for me that instigated my first reaction.  It seems you may have some female hormones affecting you by the cysts.....Let me know if you find a diagnosis; email at ***@****, I sooooo want my life back, also.  I can't go to church any longer and am having problems at work because other employees keep wearing perfume, although I've asked them not to and I go into full blown reaction when I breathe it.  God bless and good luck!@
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This happened to me in late June of this year (2014).  One night I ate dinner and afterwards noticed my lips swelling.  That continued for two more days and then on the 4th day I broke out in full blown hives.  I took prednisone for several days.  Then shots and just continued to get worse.  After 2 weeks I went to an allergist.  He thought it could be this allergy that has been in the news recently that develops after a tick bite and the main trigger is red meat.  But I seem to be allergic to almost all foods.  So far I am able to eat raw celery, carrots, cucumber, baked sweet potato, corn tortillas, grapes, blue berries, apples without incident but anything else brings on hives in varying degrees.  I am taking 3 prescription strengthen allergy meds per day and Benadryl at night but still dealing with hives.  I have been in menopause for a little over a year.  I have not taken any hormones.  How are you doing after a year?  I am trying to learn to cope with this but it is difficult.  It so odd how it happened so suddenly.  Lisa
I had the same exact symptoms come ti find out was the tick bite. I ended up doing long term abx which I regret the most and this treatment has made me and many other lives in hell. I went to Johns Hopkins, Cleveland Clinic, Vanderbilt, and Mayo clinic to treat many autoimmune conditions, severe allergy and sensitivies issues, but nothing worked for 8 years which I eventually dealt with near liver and kidney failures and ended up doing IVIG. One of my neighbor's nephew was dying from chronic lyme disease and did a miracle treatment with this herbalist and health practioner called June in Ohio. She suffered from so many illnesses herself including lyme so i was so desperate that I ended up going to there. I have been with her now for past 15months and that was the best decision that i have made. Now i am seizure free, my stroke symptoms have subsided quite a bit, i am out of wheelchair, i am not in agonizing pain 24/7 and in a process of introducing normal food. Hallelujah! She has such a wonderful energy about her and she is a genius when it comes to chronic illnesses or mysterious conditions. U should reach out to her. She is always busy so i don't know if she will return ur calls, but very worthy of trying. 5138007121
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Hello everyone,  it seems that many of us are facing many of the same symptoms, that is being allergic to almost everything.  I myself had always suffered from seasonal allergies but never anything more than that.  About two years ago a suffered from nasal polyps which none of my doctors detected until i had suffered from them for a recurring two years, about that time I started to get hives on my legs daily and soon after that I started to get asthmatic symptoms which made it very difficult to breathe because of my nasal polyps.  I had never before shown signs of asthma or hives.  One day after I took an aspirin I started to get really bad hives and a severe asthma attack, so bad that I had my wife take me in to the emergency room where I fainted upon entering (from lack of oxygen in my blood),  after I was urgently treated and woke up surrounded by nurses I was asked what I took and was told that I had an allergic reaction to the aspirin, to which i responded with a surprise because only earlier that year my dentist had prescribed me with large doses of aspirin after some work done, and I took them with no problem.  I have since had a nasal operation to remove my polyps.  After that incident my wife and i began to search what was causing the hives (since i don't take aspirin every day), we switched detergent and soaps and changed our diet.  it has been about a year since and I continue to have asthma and have been going crazy trying to figure out what causes the hives.  I had prescribed ranitidine which got get rid of them but i don't see that as a solution so i stopped taking them.  I recently started to link my hives to all processed food then maybe even more on track to GLUTEN.  After I stopped eating gluten, I was able to reduce the hives down to a minimum and have slowed down my asthma.  now unfortunately I know that is not my cure, but only one of my main allergies (since I know that I am still allergic to Non Steroidal Anti-inflamitory drugs (NSAIDS)(ASPIRIN).  I have recently began a new treatment through TRANSFER FACTOR, which I am really hopeful for.  If i get good results i will be sure to update.  I wish everyone the best I know just how difficult this can be.
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did you get tested on intolerances?

you said you get problems if to almost everything. An intolerance which contains allergic disorders could be histamine. You can find histamine everywhere. Food like fruits, vegetables, fish, chocolate, and drinks like red wine. As soon as you eat or drink sth which contains histamine, your body reacts with an allergic reaction. And there you are. Your symptoms. You should go to see an allergist for a common blood test. If you get tested positive to histamine I can reccomend you Daosin. That's what I got recommended within other forums and I'm really happy about it. It's available online
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The exact same has happened to me about a year ago. I am awaiting immunotherapy and on lots of antihistamines and steroid sprays which don't really work.....how did you get on finding out what caused it and are you still suffering? I have exactly the same symptoms as you so would love to hear
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I have had this same thing and doing immunotherapy allergy.  Allergy shots.  I am on 4 zyrtec total daily and I find a lot relief in my nazal spray.  I was exposed to black mold and never had these issues.
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I have no clue if this will help any of you or if it's even legit. I had this happen to me. I was never allergic to anything. I started getting these kind of knots in my feet. I could feel them swell when I walked. They never came up in the exact same place so I knew it wasn't related to callouses or the like. Usually, a couple hours after the weird sensations in my feet started, I would break out in hives. Once the whole right side of my face swelled up and my lip practically turned outward like someone was peeling my face back. It was horrible. It happened also in a different place nearly every time. Doctors could not figure out what the heck was wrong. I was given and epi-pen and a couple of times, I had to use it. I never knew when it was going to hit or what would trigger it. I dealt with it for about two years. I was miserable. Slowly but surely it began to get better. Doctors still had done many tests and had no clue about what it could possibly be. I was reading and just stumbled across this site. I was in shock. Could this be what started my reactions. I was working in chemicals, paints, roofing, remodeling with my husband at the time. Formaldehyde is in almost everything. https://www.multiplechemicalsensitivity.org/multiple-chemical-sensitivity-3.php
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Hi I posted this above in comments, but in case you dont see it:

  I have had lyme disease since a 2004 tick bite. It came on in early 2005, after
flu, 2 chest infections and antibiotics.

Suddenly my world was flipped upside down and I began reacting badly to everything I put in my body, with so many different major debiblitating problems.

My worst problems, to this day are that my lungs and respiratory tract fill up with thick mucus every time I eat anything. Most supplements also exacerbate this mucus production severely. I struggle eat for over an hour, due to permanent thick sticky mucus from my mouth downwards, that builds up and up while I eat, with permanent sinus and throat inflammation.

My life has to revolve around these symptoms, constantly managing and on a very restricted, but healthy diet. The repspiratory and excessive mucus symptoms are so severe I have to spend an hour after every meal to clear and hack yo the mucus from my lungs, with essential oil steam inhalations and many other methods.

It takes all my energy round the clock, and I often choke badly on mucus or water running down my throat. My sinuses swell up in response to so many things, including the few supplements I use to manage mt respiratory symptoms, which are vital to my survival.

Its catch 22. I only found out I had Borrelia last June (2015). I have battled with dozens of other major infections since 2005. The Borrelia itself is actually gone now, or just a tiny speck hiding for the moment.  I also am trying to rid neurlogical "coxsackie" viruses.

I still have "lyme disease" even though the Borrelia is probably gone for sure (via homeopathy and excellent alternative health prototcols).

To me, "Lyme Disease" defines "nervous and immune system dysregulation".

I still have this disorder and need to restore to equlibrium within my nervous and immune system. But once I clear the other infections finally, the first time  in 12 years, I will see a massive difference in how Im feeling.  I already do, catching a glimpse here and there, just so much turmoil still and such a long, intense and difficult road to recovery so far.

Anyway, when I see all these stories here, I wonder if the explanation could be as simple as Lyme disease (basically "Borrelia" bacteria and inevitable, variable coinfections) in nearly all cases?

I know allergies have many causes, such as imbalanced intestinal flora, toxin overload, emotional problems.

But when these cases suddenly skyrocket out of nowhere, just like my own did, maybe it is Lyme in most cases.

It also happens after some other event or trauma, like my spree of illnesses in early 2005, with antibiotics wiping out my intestinal flora. Then it comes on strong suddenly, but can be there for years. It can be after emoitional distress also.

Just a thought anyway, always consider Lyme when your world is suddenly flipped upside down and totally destroyed and dominated by insurmountable problems.

Some great treatments for Lyme are -
"The salt/vitamin c protocol".

And "electromedicine", using "blood electrification" to treat the blood, and other similar devices using electricity safely. Such as an "OMF generator", a type of magnetic pulser.

There is a great site by a man named "Michael Forrest", called "Dragonfly, Bioelectric".

He is a genius making exellent devices for most conditions. He ships globally and gives amazing detailed advice on most conditions.

Also prescribed homeopathy is absolutely brilliant against all infections. It will clear anything with enough courses, big reductions each time.

I have all my diagnosis from"Vega testing", which mu homeopath uses. Its deadly accurate and reliable, but the doctors have been poisoned against it by the evil drug companies. But in Germany it is in most hospitals, and  not disputed at all.

I have had no help from allopathic medicne at all. No daignosis, explanations, answers, anything. Only life saving help and uncannily relevant daignosis from Vega testing, and myself through intuition and hard work.

I wish all allergy and possibly Lyme sufferers total healing and relief.
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I have developed sudden onset of multiple food alergies after a bad reaction to a steroid dose pack in October. By November, I have developed allergies to most foods, including benadryl. Right now I can eat turkey, chicken, beef, pork, potatoes, rice, cooked vegetables, eggs, milk & pure apple juice. I have now developed an allergy to tap water, and I can't drink bottled water, dive since I have reactions to it because of the plastic. I am also in menopause, since the steroid pack. I believe the problem is in the endocrine system, but all tests come back 'normal'. I am told it's not unusual to pick up allergies later in life; but to EVERYTHING, IN ONE MONTH??  I have lost 25 pounds, and am depressed and very emotional. Plus, I am having problems sleeping, unable to nap during the day, even if I try. Before the steroid pack, I was healthy, with no alergies. Now, I am alergic to everything. HELP!
So how did you drink water??
Because this is happening to me and I'm scared what do I drink and I'm having reactions to everything
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I am a 29 year old woman and I developed severe allergies during the onset of symptom/discovery/treatment process of a large uterine fibroid. It was about the size of a softball, which is uncommon at this age. After an injection that induced menopause failed to shrink it, surgery was preformed. I have always had mild allergies, but within the past year (Fybroid found in March 2016, Depot Lupron shot was in April 2016, surgery in June 2016 and also have a cyst the size of a golf ball on my ovary which was left alone) I have developed very painful allergy symptoms. My ears are full of fluid and it hurts my entire head every day. This is caused by everything from pollen to mold, and my beloved pet. I went in for allergy testing and tested positive for everything except roaches and almonds. I have not had an anaphylactic reaction and hope that I do not ever experience one. My food reactions cause extreme stomach pain, diarrhea, swollen tongue and lips, itchy throat, and red face, ears, neck and chest. I can't eat foods that I have eaten my entire life with no problem anymore without it making me miserable. My doctor has prescribed me EpiPens because he feels that chance of an anaphylactic reaction happening is high. Tests are still being done. My skin test was only a week ago. So to sum this all up, I had pretty normal allergies most of my life- typical outdoor sensitivities. I was not medicated year round and everything was OTC except for my inhaler. Then I developed an ovary cyst and a large uterine fibroid that caused me to become anemic so I was placed into temporary menopause as a treatment before surgery. My allergy symptoms worsened over the year to the point of being on several daily prescribed medications and steroid injections. I am having blood screening done before I start on the allergy shot treatment. If there is any explanation given through the results, I will be sure to come back and share. I hope that it's just a weird unexplained temporary situation due to the change in hormones and may sort itself out when everything is at stable levels and not fluctuating again. Best of luck to you all.
Hmmm.... I too have a large fibroid tumor and was told by my gyn that I should have a Lipton shot to help shrink it before surgery (which I never had)and I'm 50 now. Still haven't went through the Change either. Immediately after the Lupron shot two years ago the palms of my hands and bottoms of my feet itched intensely. Layer I was told by my gyn that there was a procedure i could have done to help shrink the fibroid but I needed an MRI first. I had an allergic reaction to the dye used for the MRI. The next week I had a severe reaction to Betadaine. Then nuts. Now bee stings. I too carry an EpiPen and did have to use it for the bee sting. I'm wondering if somehow these sudden onset allergies might be related to the Lupron shot. It does crazy things to your hormones. I so regret not doing research before allowing it to be given. Hope you find some relief because I know the anxiety that these allergies cause. I'm turning to essential oils for anxiety and other health issues instead of conventional medicine and I have an herbalist I go to for medical issues. Think I'm gonna do more research on the Lupron shot. There's likely a link.
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