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Swollen eyelids!

I have suffered with allergies for about 15 years, mostly occasional sneezing and itchy skin when in contact with some cats.  The main problem is a blocked up nose, I have had allergy testing which confirm allergies to cats, dogs and rabbits, and a mild allergy to pollen. I have also have asthma which is under control.  I have used various anti-histimines and nasal steroid sprays with some success.  However, my biggest problem now is having had very puffy eyes for the last week, no redness or itchiness, just swollen eyelids.  I have seen 2 doctors, who have given me eye drops and Loratadine and then Fexofenadine, but nothing is helping.  I'm getting to the end of my tether, please help!
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Check with an optometrist. Sometimes they can help with eye problems better than a doctor.
I can't even get water in my eyes without going insane from pain etc.
Turns out I have a "mild" case of aquagenic urticaria. Mild compared to those that develop nasty blisters and hives anyway.
My optometrist was the one who actually got me on the train to finding out what I was allergic to.
I've tried many eye drops in the past, but none seemed to help...they just made it worse.
Allergies change over time as well. You may have developed one or two new ones since you were tested. It's possible that you are also allergic to the allergy relief you use, or the eye drops. Anything is possible.
Have you tried applying ice packs to your eyes for a few minutes at a time?
You  could try posting this on the Alternative Therapies forum...they have many good ideas over there about different methods to help with allergies etc.
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Hey Lorrie,

Welcome to the Forum.

Good advice form Tschock.

Also, as this seems to be persisting, you must rule out
possible underlying issues that could be serious.
Hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism and various infections viral or bacterial
could be causing this.
Sometimes, these causes get overlooked, as the focus is mostly on allergies and trauma.
I would recommend that you still pursue the allergies , while exploring the rest, by avoidance of the triggers and the possible allergens.
Good point also about the meds causing a reaction.
There's holistic allergy elimination available if you wish to look into.
Let me know.

Wish you well.
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Thanks for the help!

I went back and saw a different doctor who suspects Nephrotic Syndrome which is a kidney condition that causes leakage of protein from the blood into the urine and leads to oedema, ie puffy eyelids.  He started me on good old steroids Prednisolone and that has helped a lot, the swelling reduced in 2 days.  I'm also on Chloromphenicol for a conjunctivitis as my eyes are watery during the day and dry and crusty in the morning when I wake up.  Am currently awaiting blood results and urine culture and sensitivity to confirm the condition. I am also planning an eye test in the furure, as although it may not be related i'm long overdue anyway.

Thanks you so much for your responses, I shall definitely be back in the future if I have any other weird (or not so weird!) medical conditions, the forums are very interesting. :)
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