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Swollen itchy eyes and lip rash/sores

For the past 10 years I have had really sensitive lips and have only been able to use one type of lip balm. As anything else - lip sticks of glosses give me little sores on my lips and cause them to puff up and get little scabs and peel contantly - i also get dry patches under my eyes and eye lids. When I visited a doctor they told me I may have an allergy to nail polish and an ingrediant in lip glosses/balms its also happens when I were nail polish. After removing it it usually clears up within a week.

Recently I havent even be able to use my usual lip balm as my lips react to that as well and my eyes are puffing up and getting extremly itchy and stinging. I was heading overseas for 3 weeks and the doctor have me some tablets to take to clear up my lips as she said they looked like they had a staff infection. Whilst I was OS all my symptoms cleared up completely and within 2 days of returing home everything started up again!

A week after I had been back,I woke up in the monring and my eyes were completely closed over and extremly swollen. I visited a doctor and they said I might have hives or some type of allergy. I was put on antihistmines and a course of panafcortelone, which helped with the eye swelling and the lips alittle. but now i have reduced the amount of panafcortelone I take daily as I am at the end of my course, as have been told it isnt something I can take long term and my eyes are becoming more irrated and puffy and my lips sore are getting worse.
I havent changed any make up lately or products like toothpaste, washing powder.

Does anyone have any sugguestions what it might be, as its dirvinbg me crazy!!!!
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Well, looks like very close to what I have.  Now, I am a male and no makeup, but for the past 3 years, out of nowhere, never had a allergy in my life, a week after I joined my new workplace, I started to get the same symptoms as you.  My eyes and lips start to swallow, and then if it is really strong, my second eye starts, and my lips also get dots on them , like millions of them.

Maybe we have the same thing, just reacts differently a little.  I thought it was food, but I am beginning to believe it is environmental, I have no changed my diet for so long.  I am also vegetarian.  Oh it also happens any time of a year, so it is not seasonal.

Anyone, any suggestion is appreciated it.
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I have similar problems with my lips and eyelids.  My lips itch and burn and are also sometimes swollen.  They also peel, look dry and cracked, and since this started, make me look much older  I have gotten a salve from my dermotologist, which helps somewhat.  (She said I am allergic to most toothpaste and I now use Toms which is a natural toothpaste - it has helped to some degree) I am constantly applying lip balm or chap stick, but nothing seems to help the problem entirely.  My eyelids itch, are red and also get dry and flakey.  This happens especially when I wear eyeshadow, but even when I don't. I wore it for years without a problem.  Another site I looked at indicated a couple people who had the lip trouble, and wondered if it was caused by wine, beer, or other types of alcohol.  I drink wine.  Anyone else see this connection?
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Hi - I have been experiencing similar symptoms for weeks.  For about 6 week, my upper lip has been dry, slightly wrinkled, as well as cracking and peeling.  So frustrating because no amount or type of lip balm seemed to help (vaseline lip therapy, body shop lip salve, etc etc). Additionally, the skin above my upper lip became dry, red and irritated.  About 2-3 weeks after that, I started experiencing swollen eyelids as well as dry, wrinkled, red, itchy patches above and below my eyes.  I could not apply the most mild lotion to those areas because it would burn, but it was so dry I wanted to do something.  I went to urgent care where I was diagnosed with "contact dermatitis" and put on a 5-day regimen of prednisone and sulfa (antibiotics) which did a great job for those 5 days but of course all the symptoms returned with a vengeance as soon as I stopped taking the meds.  Clearly steroids just take away the symptoms but don't cure the underlying cause.  About 2 wks later, I went to a dermatologist who gave me a low dose 0.05% hydrocortisone gel to apply to the affected areas... so far my skin is about 80-90% improved, however, again I am not sure if it is just masking the symptoms.  To address the cause, I have been exercising more to help reduce stress and focused on a healthier, more probiotic diet.  On another website I perused, there were many entries where the individuals had very similar symptoms and they were finding alot of them had yeast infections so by eating more acidophilus enriched products (yogurt, probiotic supplements, etc), less sugars (including alchohol) and less fats, their skin conditions began to resolve.  I think stress management is HUGE - I believe that for me it was the original trigger and then I just added to it by drinking too much, eating an unbalanced diet, not sleeping, enough, etc for a stretch of time.  I am seeing an allergist next week to ensure that I haven't developed allergies in my old age (38) that I am just not aware of which could recur.  This has only been about 2 months total but has really affected my life and I need to keep it under control.  Good luck to everyone!!  Ani
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My situation sounds similar, maybe I can add something. I saw an allergist after a period of odd swellings and itchy rashes (under my eyes, my lips, even my hands and feet) and found out that I am allergic/sensitive to salicylates- an ingredient in aspirin. It also occurs naturally in mint, tea, the skin of many fruits and other foods. I also did some research on the internet to find out more about salicylates and found that people who are sensitive to them may also have problems with the ingredient benzone (found in a lot of lip balms, sunscreens, cosmetics and skin care items). I'm still trying to figure out the range of things I should stay away from (aloe seems to be bad too). Trying to find cosmetics and skin care products without benzone, mint or aloe is challenging.

Note: msanders mentions that his diet hasn't changed in a long time, but according to my primary care physician, people often develop allergies to things they are in contact with on a regular basis over time. This seems to be true in my case- it's cropped up only in the past few years (I'm 38 years old) and seems to be triggered by things I used for years without any problem. I hope this helps.
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hey i right now have a reaction to advil and my lip is swollen but something my sister told me that would help is fish oils and flax seeds so look for flax seeds and mix it with your food or drinks and also look for liquid gel tableds that are naturally fish oil its helped me and im starting to feel better
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I have exactly the same problem as you with both my eyes and lips. I was interested about what you said about being under stress. I have mega stress both at home and work - has your new health kick worked?
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I am currently experiencing these symptoms. this stuff came out of the blue...w/in the past year. Thanks for the comments...they are helpful...I am going to get my skin checked by the doc in a couple of days. Eczema, psoriasis, etc...these skin issues are irritating...especially in conjunction with regular allergies (eye, dust, pollen) and a breathing condition...I know that they all run together and it is difficult to figure out whether or not it's food or environment...argh...
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Thank you so much for you post.  I have always had sensitivity to lipstick, sunscreens, and kiwi fruit and I've tried to avoid those items... the information you shared will allow me to be aware of those things to avoid, rather than living by trial and error as I have... I still plan on visiting an allergist... hopefully they can provide me with something to treat the painful symptoms when I have flare up (like now... 3 weeks and counting)... and can tell me what other things to avoid (I'm a vegetarian, so looking at the list of item on webMD left me pretty discouraged)...

But at least this is the beginning...
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I've recently had allergic reactions including red, swollen eyelids; burning blistered ears; blisters on lips and around my nostrils; swollen "pillows" under my eyes.  Haven't figured out exactly what is causing it, but honey applied to my face and ears helps a lot.  Relieves the itchiness, seems to reduce the blisters and swelling.  Leave it on as long as possible -- after it dries it is not as noticeable.  Probably a natural honey is better - I mean not highly processed like SueBee for example.  
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I hate to say this, but I'm glad I'm not the only one!  Within the last two weeks I have been experiencing swollen eyelids as well as dry, wrinkled, red, itchy patches above and below my eyes too.  Just today my lips started swelling.  I haven't been to see a doctor yet and after ready everyone's posts, I don't think I'm going to bother.  Interestingly enough, about six weeks ago I decided to "go vegetarian".  Could this be a reaction that my body is having to the change in diet?
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Dear mawbbb
I have suffered itchy eyelids, lips and inner eye for several years , however you will be relieved to know that I had this problem BEFORE I became a vegetarian, so vegetarianism isn't the cause.  I have tried every topical cream - including cortisone, to no avail.  Don't bother with a doctor because he/she will prescribe medication which is going to treat the symptoms rather than the cause - anyway I've seen several specialists and they haven't helped.  Their knowledge of these itchy rashes is limited.  I have tried a low allergy diet (from the "friendly foods" book) but it was extremely difficult to adhere to and there was no definitive correlation between what I was eating and the onset of symptoms.  Antihistamines are only a temporary fix.  I have tried every "natural" remedy I can find but the relief is only temporary (if at all).  I am addicted to sugar so was interested to read that this could be a yeast infection.  I also noticed that on a recent holiday the symptoms slowly improved.  I was stress and makeup free (lipstick and lipliner noticeably aggravate my upper lip).  I considered that I may have become allergic to my cats, but I spent all day working in a cat shelter on the weekend and had no problems.  There is one thing that did relieve the itch, and that's apple cider vinegar applied with a cotton ball to the affected area. It's particularly soothing straight from the fridge.  It will sting like mad for 10 seconds but the relief is instant.   I have also read that drinking 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar in water three times a day is meant to help and I am keen to try this.  Will post my results.
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I have the same issues as everyone else.  Itchy, swollen lips with a rash often accompanied by swollen eyes.  I visited the dermatologist twice this week.  The first time, he thought it was a peanut allergy, so I was put on anithistimines; however, while on antihistimines I developed swollen eyes and lips!  Upon visiting the doctor again, I was prescribed a topical ointment for the lip area.  The doc said that this condition is tricky to diagnose.  Needless to say, I am on medicine and still getting flare ups!  I have found a cold compress works to bring down the swelling on the eyelids.  Also, I am going to try taking an allergy medicine like Claritin everyday to see if my symptoms will stay away!  Has anyone tried a daily allergy medicine like Claritin?   Does it work for these symptoms?
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