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Teeth Implants

In June I had implants for dentures.  The implants are made of titianium.  I have had a rash and itch since the third week of the implants.  I have never had an allergy to anything before.  Could this be the cause of the itching?  
I have had a blood test but did not do an allgery test.  Is this soimething I need to do?
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I had an implant done in June and started experiencing many health problems right after but never thought it would be the implant until I read these posts.  I had joint pain, rashes, recently around my mouth.  I have been to a derma and had many blood tests done and they all came up negative.  my immune system is going bezerk.  I am a male in my early 50's.  I have set up an appointment with the doctor that performed the implant and hoping to find a solution soon hopefully.  Thank you for sharing your stories.  they have been a great help.
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I have been to HELL and back today.......According to the 5 people I spoke to.......the MELISA test is not offered in the USA.  (Yes folks........the United States  supposedly does not test for heavy metals)  Spain, Germany,, Canada and South Africa are the only places that do.............
.I have called everyone I could possibly think of..........Now I see everyone's frustration......My Perio "has never heard of an allergic reaction to Titanium".........He either lives in a bubble.............or he is covering his backside........He referred me to Ear Nost and Throat dr. .....who doesn't do the MELISA test............sorry!
Someone who shall remain nameless.............showed some humanity and told me to go to a rhumatologist..........but I cannot get appt. w/o refferral from another dr.  Don't they call this a catch-22?..........Just wondering if anyone out there has had a similar
experience...............This joint pain and lethargy is progressive.........I am going down hill quickly..................... Let me hear from you guys................please.
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I had two implants and bone grafts in June of this year (2010)  After a month and a severe infection I had one removed.  Surgeon said it "failed"....put me on antibiotics and wanted to retry in  two weeks......I had headaches, pain in the base of my skull......ear ache,(my entire right side of my head was affected.....strange) and was
lethargic.  I decided to go to a Dr. and get some blood work and exam before continuing.  Had x-rays of my head, blood and urine......it showed nothing.  I am a healthy being otherwise.  Only on synthroid for
hypo-thyroid.....nothing else.  67 yr. old active female...Continued with the surgery to have the vital implant re done...(and bone graft) and so far
everything looks good.......HOWEVER.....I have joint pain, back pain,
fatigue, and I am really getting concerned.  I do not, nor do I have a history of Osteoarthritis, or fibromyalgia....or celiac disease.....and yet I know my body, and it is crying to me....something is wrong.
It is discouraging to read some of the blogs, and stories.....I only wish I had been offered a test PRIOR to the implant surgery to determine if I am allergic....A friend said mostly WOMEN are allergic to TITANIUM, and you can tell with earrings....I coulod never wear cute little CHEAP
festive earrings......has to be 14k.  If I tried my ears would itch for a week........and I would be constantly cleaning them with alcohol....Don't know if there is anything to that.  I am going to research having the MELISA blood test.....and going back to see Dental surgeon Oct. 3.
I wish you all luck.Let's stay in touch.

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Please let me know what has happened to you and your implants.

I too have tested negative to patch tests, but Melissa says I'm mildly allergic to titanium.
Every doctors says it can't be,  But my joints have been very sore and swollen since I had the implant.  

I have found an oral surgeon in Philadelphia who has much experience with the removal of implants.  Although not an easy procedure, it can be done by the right doctor.

Please get in touch with me.'

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Please help me find an answer to my Zygomatic titanium implants. I had the implants placed about 3yrs ago.  The rash around my mouth started about 3 weeks after the surgery. My tongue has a white coating that was dismissed by my dentist as poor oral hygiene.  The rash was blamed on new lotion or makeup.  The rash took over my face, then neck after a month, now it has spread all over my body.  I have had every patch test and ***** test known to the Dr.'s and all have come back negative.    The oral surgeon states that the removal of these implants would be a major 'ELECTIVE" surgery because the implant removal could cause major damage to the zygomas....HELP ME!!!!  The suffering from the chronic itching and scaring on my face from the swelling and itching is making me insane.   I have been on Steroids and antihistamines on and off for the last 3 yrs.  I'M DESPERATE
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Titanium which is a bioactive metal is capable of tricking the body into believing that the implant is a tooth.  Because of this the bone bonds to the implant as though it were the root of a tooth.  When the implant moves after it is placed, the body recognizes it as a foreign object and rejects it.This causes an allergic reaction to the implant.
But true allergy to titanium is rare.When titanium is combined with other metals like nickel,then allergy can take place as nickel is a  common sensitizer.

Diagnosis is done by skin patch test or blood tests for allergy. MELISA (Memory Lymphocyte Immunostimulation Assay) test is a blood test that is confirmatory for metal allergy.

I feel that you should consult your doctor and talk about this allergy and the option of changing the implant as avoidance is the only treatment for metal allergies. Desensitization techniques, such as allergy shots,also are not effective for metal allergies.

Hope it helps.Take care and pls do keep me posted on how you are doing.

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