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The incredible uneatable egg

Several years ago I started getting severe stomach pain when eating eggs.It doesn't matter if they are boiled are fried.
About an hour after I eat them my belly hurts and that lasts for a few hours.They don't seem to bother me if I'm eating
cake or a salad.I think this is due to the amount of egg in a dish such as cake or salad.There is one thing I have learned over the years and it is a little odd to me. If I don't eat eggs for several months(6 or longer) I can enjoy a couple for breakfast and they will not bother me, but if I eat them again anytime soon ( a couple of months) I'm in for a serious belly ache.I've tried the substitutes and sooner or later they get me too.I have learned to play it safe and about once a year I cook 2 or 3 over easy and really enjoy them for breakfast! I's there any type of stomach medicine to prevent this.I've tried pepcid,malox and others but none seem to help and do you think the frequency thing is strange?          

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Hi Kirodh,
Could it have something to do with the sulphur in eggs as in Onions etc too?
and if so, why?
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Hi there.
You seem to be suffering from allergy to egg proteins. Most people who are allergic to hen's eggs have antibodies which react to one of four proteins in the egg white. These proteins are named ovomucoid, ovalbumin, ovotransferrin, and lysozyme; ovomucoid, also called Gal d 1, is the most common target of immune system attack. The egg yolk contains several potential antigens: livetin, apovitillin, and vosvetin.
A person who reacts only to a protein in the egg yolk may be able to easily tolerate egg whites, and vice versa. Some people will be allergic to proteins in both the egg white and the egg yolk. Egg yolk allergies may be somewhat more common in adults. A small number of people who are allergic to eggs will develop an allergy to chicken or other poultry meats.
So I guess the best treatment is to avoid eggs.

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