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Tide Skin Hives - Why?

Hello. Im having a problem. You see. When My family began using Tide Detergent Ive been getting very large hives on my skin. They are usually between 4inches long to about 7 inches wide ( Yes , Ive measured. ) Anyway as my mother began to use the Tide the problem of these hives got increasingly worse and worse. Now after about 4 months of using it it's now a daily occurance after I get out of the shower. Please tell me why this is happening. If so is there any kind of common allergen in there?

P.s Ive also read on many other sites that alot of people since the recent lines of Tide have come out have been having this. Please help them along with me in this.
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I'd suggest you ask your mom if you can buy a detergent other than Tide that might work better for you & not cause you hives.  You can keep your clothes separate and wash them yourself.  There are many products which advertise a "Free & Clear" line that is supposed to free of scent and additives which cause problems for sensitive folks.
Our family uses ALL detergent, "Free & Clear" & it has worked pretty well for us.  You may need to experiment with several brands to find out which one(s) work OK for you.  Ask your folks to help you with this.
Sounds like you need to wash your own linens (including towels) too.
Ideally, once you find which detergent you're not sensitive to, you could get your family to switch  to it.  You may want to start by switching back to whatever detergent your family had used before it started Tide & see whether that works OK for you & the rest of the family.  Good luck--hives can really be nasty (as you unforutnately know firsthand)!
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I have used Tide my entire life.  I too have developed a serious problem with Tide particularly since they began concentrating the liquid detergent.  I went through and re-washed everying in my wardrobe and linen closet using the Tide Free detergent and fabric softening sheets - plus I rinsed everything twice.   Is it just Tide that is causing the problem?  Are there laundry products available for senstive skin?  What is it in the detergent that is causing the problem.  I even had my face and eyes to swell up.  Elaine
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This an allergic reaction to the chemical composition of Tide probably.Contact dermatitis is an inflammation of the skin caused by direct contact with an irritating or allergy-causing substance (irritant or allergen). Reactions may vary in the same individual over time.
Irritant dermatitis, the most common type of contact dermatitis, involves inflammation resulting from contact with acids, alkaline materials such as soaps and detergents, solvents, or other chemicals.
The best teatment is to avoid contact.You can take oral anti-histamines to treat it.Also you could apply Calamine lotion on the affected areas.
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i used this once and my underarms broke out in hives, then the skin dried up and got real itchy and it seems as though my body is replacing the old skin with new skin which is really sensitive and burns when i put deoderant on, i cannot stand tide and now i have gone back to using gain, i hope my condition will eventually subside, i have re washed all my clothes with gain and am just trying to wait this condition out
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I have problems with hives about 4 inches long and high on my skin. I believe it is the tide.  I notice there is a increase in being concentrated more.  I have used tide for years and I am beginning to think that this is it.  WHen i get in the bathtub to take a bath they become very itchy. And when I get out I put baby powder on them and it stops itching. My doctor put me on predizone now and onother med at night,  How can I solve this.  Shoul I start using the algetic detergent tide offers.
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I burned my hand and my doctor had me soak it in a mixture of
Tide and water to help alleviate scarring. This resulted in an allergic reaction to milk protein- even a very , very small amount - such as is found in a bit of parmesan or the cheese in a goldfish. I have to stay away from cinnamon too. I wish I had never seen Tide! It has been three years and my allergies are getting worse and more varied instead of improving. Before I soaked my hand in Tide I wasn't allergic to any food. -by the way I was given skin and blood tests which did not show a reaction. Apparently I have to consume the substance to swell up. break out in hives and itch to death. I am also beginning to get allergic reactions from smells. -Is there anything that can help?

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My mother used Tide and I broke out with dermatitis, hives, itching/irritated skin.  I went away from Tide until someone in the household forgot and bought the new improved Tide....   Let's just say I had to benadril/oatmeal baths/hydrocortisone cream and I then had to go to a dermatologist.   I had to rewash 3 weeks worth of clothes and now I am fine.  I highly recommend to everyone to stay away from Tide.
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I have used Tide powder for at least 4 yrs.  Several months ago, my face became very red and I developed scaly patches above my mouth and under my eyes.  Went to dermatologist and he said it was contact dermititis.  I bought fragrance free shampoo, conditioner, moisturizer, etc.  Didn't work.  He then told me to get "All" detergent, the clear one without perfumes, etc.  I bought it but never expected anything.  Rewashed my sheets with it and started using it on my clothes.  Three days later, my face is totally clear!  No more Tide for me.
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I too have the same problem. I now use "All" or "Purex" and dont have a problem.
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How long did it take for your hives to stop coming back? After you rewashed everything for the first time and then slept in the new sheets did they just go away or did it take a few days for them to completely disappear.  I have been getting hives everyday for the past 3 weeks and the only new thing is our detergent - Tide HE...we got a new washer and dryer.  I switched yesterday to the Seventh Generation brand (HE) to see if it would work...but still work up with hives.  I am hoping my body just needs a few days to adjust...does anyone have any words of wisdom?
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I was able to determine that Tide Clean Breeze was the culprit of my skin itching problem. This can affect you if anyone in your house uses it, if you have sensitive skin as it leaves residue in the washer/dryer, plus I suspect it rubs off on furniture and may even break into particles that go airborne. I didn't have a rash, just felt like bugs crawling all over me and especially in my hair and facial hair.

Please read my other posts for my history with this problem.
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