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Titanium Allergy

titanium !!

I am investigating titanium total knee replacements.  I was not offered another choice.  I woke up from the surgery with ALS symptoms and they are growing worse fast.  There is a blood test to show a reaction.  I am going to have this done May 13, 2008 at Indiana Med Center, Indianapolis, IN.  Please go to Dr. Hal Huggins on the web. Mercury ("silver" amalgum fillings) in our teeth are discussed and all the problems they cause.   I am doing alternative medicine.  Western med has nothing for ALS.    Wanting to have knee replaced investigating what kind to have.   Any advice or experience out there?  Thanks.  
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There are many designs of knee implants available to the surgeon. There is no universal agreement as to which design is best. Each surgeon selects what he believes is best, or what he was trained to use.
Metal parts of the implant are manufactured of Cobalt-chrome or Titanium. There is no agreement as to which is the better metal. But there is universal agreement that it is better if the metal part that moves on the plastic is made of cobalt chrome. The most important problem in the complex field of implant design is the issue of metal and plastic wear (resulting from parts moving on each other) and the tiny particles produced by such wear. These particles may cause adverse responses in the surrounding tissues and bone, resulting in loosening of the implant. The greatest amount of particles is produced by a titanium metal part moving against a plastic part. It is an area of continuing research.
The plastic parts of the implant are made of high-density polyethylene which has proved very acceptable over the years. Efforts are underway to develop “improved” polyethylenes.
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I purchased some prescription frames recently.  The area the frame inserts into the ear, developed a bad rash, skin broke & bled on both ears, it was pretty disgusting.  My allergy symptoms went into overload.  

I visit the Optomotrist office, I was allergic to the titanium frames purchased.  Changed frames, and used Neosporin recommended by Opt office, and the issue disappeared.

I am allergic to Titanium.  Opt tech, said Titanium frames are commonly known to cause allergic reactions.  
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I think I am also allergic to Titanium! I had a cervical discectomy/cadaveur bone insertion/fusion, with placement of titanium plate and screws for stabilization of neck.  Within about three weeks, I started having cold sweats and flu-like aching all over my body.  The pain has gotten increasingly worse, now excruciating, in all of the joints of my body.  I also have frequent sweating attacks, even when I'm not hot.  I spoke to my surgeon about a possible Titanium allergy, but he is doubtful that it exists. However he agreed to remove my implant, since the bone has fused in my neck. Unfortunately, Worker's Compensation is now denying my surgery, since they do not recognize a Titanium allergy! I am going to try to get authorization from my private insurance for coverage, and hopefully get surgery asap!! Any advice would be greatly appreciated, as I am desperate for information to give to my Worker's Comp Attorney.


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I need some advice.  I have had the blood testing done for allergy to titanium.  Results  were that I AM allergic to titanium and cobault.  Skin testing said I wasn't.  My Dr. says he has to go wit the blood test.  I tend to agree after reading some of the comments made on this site.  Thank God I found this.  I was beginning to think I was the only one with these problems.   Now I have a real problem.   I have psoriatic athritis and need both knees and hips replaced.  I am currently in a wheel chair.  Xrays say I'm bone on bone iin all four joints.  The engineering dept. of the company my Dr. uses is trying to come up with SOMETHING they can use.   Any suggestions?
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Recenly, in San Antonio, Texas, a medical group have developed another type of metal implant made from Zirconium. It doesn't have any of the metal alloys that are used in all other metal implants.  I have not found anyone with one yet but I seem to be in the same boat.  I don't know how available it is either, but I plan to research it.
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I too have allergies to the implants and am about to have the TItanium mesh removed because of this.   It is in my skull for an Acoustic Neuroma back in 2010...4 years now and has caused me pain since.   I went to the Denver National Jewish Health for Asthma and Allergy last summer.   The doctor determined that I am allergic to Titanium.   I saw her on TV where she spoke about a woman allergic to the nickle in the hip transplant.  I can't wait for this to come out.   All the implants contain Nitriline discovered by the Defense Dept in the early 1950s.  Dr. Pacheco is developing blood tests there and hopefully they can be used world wide so that you can know before hand whether you are allergic to Nickle (45%) or Titanium (55%).    It is best to do things the old fashioned way and to find a surgeon that is willing to do things the old fashioned way without using artificial implants.   My cervical laminectomy consists of bone taken from my hip back in 1988.   I found a doc. at GW that was willing to do this again because of my allergy to nitriline.    These implants are made in Shanxi China and I contacted them to find out what exactly is in the alloy in the implants they make for Stryker
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