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Titanium Dental implant

I had a titanium dental implant over a year ago and now suffer from dermatitis around my mouth witch has spread to my chin, and eczema on my hands and know in my nose!  I have muscle aches and suffer from fatigue. I had a blood test done through the Melisa Institute and showed a 3.50 in sensitivity to titanium trichloride, the recommendation is to have the metal removed, except no one wants to touch it, because it is a front tooth!  I am 39yrs. old and recently married and wanted to start a family but for one thing do not physically feel well enough and am afraid of the effects this allergy could have an a child, I know MS and Autism are linked to this metal allergy!  If we can clone animals how come I can't find an oral surgen willing to remove my implant!!!!  Any suggestions Am am so tired and frustrated!
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Read the thread above, I am wondering if this is my problem as I had similar dental work done in May Have had Chronic Hives since, I didnt know if it was the Penicillin or the Numbing agent they used or the Trauma,it was horriby painful and went wrong,I will put this into my search engine ,can you message me anything more you have found out.
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Titanium which is a bioactive metal is capable of tricking the body into believing that the implant is a tooth.  Because of this the bone bonds to the implant as though it were the root of a tooth.  When the implant moves after it is placed, the body recognizes it as a foreign object and rejects it.This causes an allergic reaction to the implant.
But true allergy to titanium is rare.When titanium is combined with other metals like nickel,then allergy can take place as nickel is a  common sensitizer.

Diagnosis is done by skin patch test or blood tests for allergy. MELISA (Memory Lymphocyte Immunostimulation Assay) test is a blood test that is confirmatory for metal allergy.

I sincerely advise you to consult your dentist who had put the implants and ask him to remove them.If he is not willing then other dentists should be tried.

I hope it helps.Take care and regards.

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I had implant 2 months ago.  Joine pain, now very painful headache in temples has followed.  Melisa test done.  Mild allergy to titanium.  Carefully weighing my options
My implant surgeon is on my side whatever I want to do.
He said he can remove the implant.  Not easy or what he wants to do, but definitely
can do it for me.   I will have a hole afterwards (front tooth) and will need a bone graft.

It is the only explanation we can find for having these headaches.  

This is an awful situation to be in, since my implant procedure went very well.

Let me know the details of your situation and the symptoms you are experiencing.

Hopefully, together, we can all get enough pieces of the titanium puzzle to get us all feeling better.
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Please write back to me and bring me up to date on your condition.
I am very much interested in how things have progressed.
I am just miserable with joint and muscle pain since dental implant was put in
sept. 2009.

Please get back to me as soon as you can.

Hope you are doing much better now.

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I too had an implant, had a metalic taste that lead to sever pain and swelling in my feet and joints.  I have seen many doctors and have been sent to Mayo, all telling me I have RA symptoms, not allergy to titanium because it is virtually impossible.  Yesterday, I had implant removed, implant had not adhered to bone, which is conclusive that my body had rejected implant.  Does anyone know how long it takes for symptoms to improve after titanium is removed? I am searching for help and knowledge!! MJ
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Please stay in touch with me...610-2798499  you can dial that.

I had my implant in Sept and have to make a decision to remove or keep.
Having pain in all my joints, ringing in ears...that we don't know if it is from asprin or
titanium.  I only tested miled allergy to titanium when Melissa did my blood test.

My removal will be a lot worse since the bone has already adhered to the implant.

I am near the Philadelphia area.  And have found a very qualified surgeon to remove
my implant.  He has done many of these, so he is not knew at it. And is able to talk
intelligently with you if you need advice on removal of implant.  So if there is anyone else out there who needs information on this I will help out with any information I can give you.

Was told by this surgeon that in the cases he has worked on 50% have improved.
He didn't mention a time line.  But I have heard of cases myself that the improvement happens relatively soon after removal.  

Good luck, looking forward to hearing that you are doing very well.  Please keep me posted.  Your information and results could help many of us out here deciding what steps to take next.


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