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Too much spicy food?

Could spicy food make the inner lining of the mouth start pealing like your outer skin would after a bad sunburn leaving sores in the mouth all over cheeks and roof of mouth?
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It's everywhere. The burning of the food is enough to make me stop eating it. I can take my tongue and push hard on my cheeks or roof of my mouth and rub off small sheets of skin. This only happens with spicy foods so I avoid all of them. My diet is super blan because of chronic intestinal pain from foods. I will bring this up to my allergist next week when we do more food allergy testing. The odd thing is that lemons and grapefruits have no burning affect in my mouth or intestines. But take a banana, pineapple red bell pepper or spice and it eats away at it on contact. I am also being tested for allergy to these foods next week. I will update after testing if I can stay off antihistamine long enough to get tested.

It's not painful once the food leaves my mouth. Just a week of healing. I wonder if it is hives in side my mouth building up fluid lifting up the skin? Right now I rub all foods on my tongue and if it burns I don't eat it. I think this might be related to my intestine pain but not sure. I will make sure to discuss this at my next testing next week. :)
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When you say that the inner lining of the mouth is peeling off, do you mean at some places sores have developed or do you mean that the whole layer has come off?

I am sure that having some  foods can trigger development of sores in the mouth also called as  apthous ulcers. However, removal of the whole layer as one is something which would make me worried. I am sure that there are many different additives to food , however, they are just spices and since they belong to the category of food materials they should not bring out the whole lining. Therefore, if its a case of the whole lining coming off, then I would like to think of it as some form over dosage or inappropriate usage.

Apthous ulcers are relieved by taking Vitamins such as B complex and folic acid and also use of some OTC applications which would relive the pain as well as the inflammation.
For the other case I would recomment eating a bland diet, and perhaps mouthwash under dilution, use of warm water and of course immediate consultation by a doctor/dentist.

Keep me posted on your health
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